Arpac Capra 8000SS High-Speed Side Seal Horizontal Shrink Wrapper

Arpac Capra 8000SS High-Speed Side Seal Shrink Wrapper

At a Glance

  • Horizontal side seal shrink wrapper
  • Up to 140 packages per minute
  • Up to 140 linear feet per minute
  • 24 inch wide end seal
  • Utilizes polyethylene, polyolefin or PVC shrink film

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Arpac Capra 8000SS High-Speed Side Seal Shrink Wrapper Arpac Capra 8000SS Operator Controls Arpac Capra 8000SS High Speed Wrapping Arpac Capra 8000SS Low Height Slide Out Film Rack

Continuous-Motion Side Seal Shrink Wrapping System

Arpac's Capra 8000SS side seal horizontal shrink wrapper ensures maximum performance at speeds up to 140 packages per minute or 140 linear feet of film per minute.

Ideal for full film over-wrapped packages for retail display, the Capra 8000SS shrink wraps small and large product sizes, from pharmaceuticals to construction materials.

This flexible shrink wrapper has a 24" wide seal bar and a 10" high seal bar opening that can be configured to run vertical end seals for tall packages.

Tool-less changeovers are fast and few with Arpac's film forming and delivery system. A proven no-contact side seal runs polyethylene, polyolefin, PVC and PLA films without changeover, with no build-up of film on the seal mechanism.

This machine runs single-wound shrink film, which is less costly than center-folded film and runs twice as long. Fast and easy film threading gets you back up and running in minutes. The operator-friendly ergonomic design conveniently locates all operator controls, film loading, and changeover functions on the same side of the machine. A unique film folding mechanism uses narrower film for maximum return on investment. Flat film is fed up from a roll beneath the film inverter.

Unlike conventional film inverters, the film path ensures equal transfer of grouped products onto the film without skewing the product configuration. This is ideal for multipacks and irregular shaped products.

A variety of standard Quick-Connect infeed conveyors handle a wide range of products and are easily interchangeable.


Heavy-duty rugged construction designed for high durability and around-the-clock operation
Laser cut and CNC machined components for maximum precision
Baked on powder coat finish provides a durable scratch resistant surface and prevents corrosion
Static lap seal
Dual-axis reciprocating end-seal
Servo driven seal carriage and seal head
24" wide seal bar, with 10" high-end seal opening
Horizontal/vertical sealing capability
Standard 6' flighted infeed conveyor
Guards and control box doors are electrically interlocked
Allen-Bradley Logix PLC
Allen-Bradley Kinetix servo drives and Allen-Bradley servo motors
Allen-Bradley Panel View touchscreen interface, message display and self-diagnostics
Tool-less change of flight pin spacing to accommodate products of different lengths
NEMA 12 electrical cabinet and controls
Central point lubrication simplifies preventive maintenance
Low film alert warns that a film changeover will soon be necessary


Casters for machine portability
Double roll film rack
Extra film forming plows
Film print registration
Hole punch
Jib crane
Low product detection
Quick-connect modular infeeds
Shrink tunnel
Stack light and horn
Static/thermal bottom overlap sealing for polyolefin film
UL / CSA approved electrical cabinet

Example Products

CDs / DVDs
Light bulbs
Oil filters
Paper products

Product Specifications

Width (across machine): 2" to 22"
Length (flow direction): 5" and up
Height Range: .25" to 10"

Film Specifications

Roll Width: Up to 46"
Type: Polyethylene, Polyolefin, PVC
Clear or randomly printed film
Single wound roll

Machine Specifications

Speed: Up to 140 packages per minute, up to 140 feet per minute
Electrical: 460 VAC, 3 Ph, 60 Hz, 44 A
Air: 80 psi, 30 SCFM

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