Arpac HCF48 Intermittent-Motion Horizontal Shrink Wrapper

Arpac HCF48 Intermittent-Motion Horizontal Shrink Wrapper

At a Glance

  • Intermitent-motion bottom seal shrink wrapper
  • Up to 15 packages per minute
  • Ideal for overwrapping large industrial products where full enclosure is required
  • Utilizes polyethylene, polyolefin or PVC shrink film

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Arpac HCF48 Intermittent-Motion Horizontal Shrink Wrapper Arpac HCF48 User Friendly Operator Controls Arpac HCF48 Belted Infeed Conveyor Arpac HCF48 Self Tracking Conveyor Belt Arpac HCF48 Side Mounted Dual Film Cradles Arpac HCF48 Film Former Arpac HCF48 Pizza Boxes on Seal Conveyor Arpac HCF48 Thermal Bottom Overlap Seal Arpac HCF48 Wrapping Large Rolls Arpac HCF48 Wrapping Stacks of Corrugated Blanks

Intermittent-Motion Bottom Seal Shrink Wrapping System

The HCF Series intermittent motion horizontal shrink wrapper is ideal for overwrapping large industrial products where full enclosure is required. Reaching speeds up to 15 packages per minute, the HCF Series wrapper operates on-demand as product is placed on the infeed conveyor. Product is then conveyed through a film forming head which engulfs the product in film while creating a bottom overlap seal along the length of the product.

A set of seal bars then creates a cross seal. An optional bottom seal produces positive thermal seal.

The HCF Series is available with a variety of optional infeeds to accommodate a wide range of product sizes. An optional HVP4/488 stand-alone shrink tunnel completes the system.


Heavy-duty rugged construction designed for high durability and around-the-clock operation
Laser cut and CNC machined components for maximum precision and strength
Steel-It paint provides a scratch resistant surface and prevents corrosion
Allen-Bradley programmable logic controller with ARPAC standard operator interface stores up to 16 product parameters
Digital controls ensure fast and accurate setup of conveyor speeds, timing, and temperature settings when changing product size and film
Self-tracking conveyor belts
Side mounted dual roll film cradle for easy loading and quick changeovers
Interchangeable film former system
Powered variable speed pinch roll film feed system for positive film feed
NEMA 12 main electrical cabinet and controls
Adjustable leveling legs
1HP variable speed conveyor drive motor
Plasma coated hot knife seal bar
Film rack and electrical box can be placed on either side of the machine
Film forming plow
Adjustable product infeed side guides
Quick-change seal jaws
Seal jaw obstruction sensors


Accumulation conveyor
Additional plows
Customizable infeeds and product handling solutions
HVP4/488 solid belt shrink tunnel
Random pneumatic hole punch
Thermal bottom lap seal

Tunnel Options

Mesh Belt Shrink Tunnel (12" x 22" x 60" Opening)
Mesh Belt Shrink Tunnel (16" x 30" x 90" Opening)

Example Products

Ceiling tiles
Pizza boxes
Rubber mats

Product Specifications

Width (across machine): Up to 38"
Length (flow direction): 8" and up
Height Range: Up to 19"

Film Specifications

Roll Diameter: Up to 20"
Roll Width: Up to 48"
Type: Polyethylene, Polyolefin, PVC
Clear or randomly printed film
Center fold

Machine Specifications

Speed: Up to 15 packages per minute
Electrical: 480 VAC, 3 Ph, 60 Hz, 7 A
Air: 60-80 psi, up to 5 SCFM

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