Shanklin M-22 Multi-Packer L-Sealer Shrink Wrapper

Shanklin M-22 Multi-Packer L-Sealer Shrink Wrapper

At a Glance

  • Automatically groups and orients products
  • Automatic right-angle accumulating infeed
  • Runs 10 to 25 bundles per minute

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Shanklin M-22 Multi-Packer L-Sealer Shrink Wrapper
Shanklin M-22 Multi-Packer L-Sealer Right Angle Pusher
Shanklin M-22 Multi-Packer L-Sealer Plan Drawing

Automatically Orient, Group, and Shrink Wrap Products

Shanklin M-22 multi-packer L-sealers makes a single package of multiple products on the shrink machine.

This automatic shrink wrap machine offers an accumulating conveyor and specialized right-angle inserting unit for feeding groups of products into the sealing area. Once the seal is made, the conveyor moves the pack to the shrink tunnel for a neat, tight, fully overwrapped grouping of products.

The basic components of the infeed are a product feeding conveyor, an accumulating conveyor, and a specialized right-angle inserting arm that feeds the grouping of products into the sealing area.

Production Process

The Shanklin M-22 Multi-Packer makes a single package of multiple products - for example, six items oriented in two rows of three.

  1. Products are fed onto the infeed conveyor that delivers them to the accumulating section.
  2. When three products are in front of the insertion arm, the arm moves them part way to the sealing area and returns to the retracted position.
  3. After three additional products are moved into the accumulating section, the insertion arm moves all six into the sealing area where they are overwrapped and sealed.
  4. Sealing complete, the discharge conveyor moves the pack to the shrink tunnel.
  5. When the package leaves the shrink tunnel, it is a neat, tight, fully-overwrapped grouping of products.
  6. To create groupings of different quantities, adjust the machine and select the number of strokes desired.


Max Seal Area: 15"W x 24"L
Min Product Length: 1.5"
Max Bundle Size: 15"W x 15"L x 8"H (15"W x 24"L x 8"H multi-stroke)
Package Speeds: Up to 15 per minute (single stroke)
Film Width: Up to 27" centerfold
Foot Print: 5.5' x 8.5' (excluding infeed conveyors)
Machine Height: 31" to 43"
Ship Weight: 1722 lbs
Electrical: 230V, 26Amp, Single Phase
Air: 3.5 CFM at 60 PSI max

Mechanical Adjustments

Discharge table height
Accumulating depth
Infeed width
Package guide position
Film roll guides

Electrical Controls

Run and emergency stop buttons
Power and conveyor controls
Stroke selector switch
Wire temperature and voltage controls
Dwell timer
Power unwind reversing switch

Pneumatic Controls

Air filter
Flow control valve on sealing arm cylinder
Flow control valve on insertion arm cylinder

Safety Devices

Automatic force sensor opens sealing arm if resistance to closing is encountered prior to locking arm fully closed.

Force sensor stops pusher if resistance is encountered anywhere during stroke.


Hot knife seal system
Right angle transfer unit
Product up-ender
Special infeed systems
Special package guides
Scrap manifold
Power film opener
Teflon-coated inverting head
Film centerfolder
Scrap removal system (vacuum or winder where recommended
Spare parts kit

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