Shanklin S-24B / S-24BL Semi-Automatic L-Sealer

Shanklin S-24B and S-24BL Semi-Automatic L-Sealer Shrink Wrap Equipment

At a Glance

  • Up to 30 packages per minute
  • Power film unwind and film inverting head
  • Better seals and fewer rewraps

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Shanklin S-24B and S-24BL Semi-Automatic L-Sealer Shrink Wrap Equipment
Shanklin S-24B Semi-Automatic L-Sealer Shrink Wrapper Plan View
Shanklin S-24BL Semi-Automatic L-Sealer Shrink Wrapper Plan View

High-Production Semi-Auto Shrink System with Power Film Unwind and Inverting Head

The S24B/S24BL L-Frame Sealer is a high production semi-automatic wrapping machine. Features of the machine include a 3-point sealing arm suspension with air-magnetic latching, fool-proof arm safety, a precisely controlled heat sealing cycle and a timer-controlled discharge conveyor.

Electrical relays are mounted on a UL listed panel located behind the easy-to-reach control panel which provides accurate heat for consistent seal. For operator convenience, the unit is equipped with telescoping legs.

Higher-production speeds are achieved with the Model S24B/S24BL because it includes a power film unwind and the film inverting head normally found on fully automatic L-Sealers. The power film unwind permits a free feeding of the film, increasing operator efficiency. In addition, better seals and fewer rewraps are obtained because the film in the seal area is always loose.

Features of the S-24B and S-24BL

15"W x 33"L seal area (20"W and 40"L available)
27" wide film
20 to 30 packages per minute
Automatic sealing cycle
Power film unwind
Easy loading film inverting head
Left-to-right or right-to-left product flow
Easy-access electrical controls
Automatic package discharge
Brush backed pin perforator
One piece hot knife seal system

Mechanical Adjustments

Discharge conveyor height
Packing table and inverting head depth
Package guide position
Film roll guides
Machine height

Electrical Controls

Seal and open switches
Dwell timer
Conveyor timer
Power unwind reversing switch

Pneumatic Controls

Flow control valves on sealing arm
Air filter

Safety Features

Automatic force sensor and switches on seal jaw provide redundant safety benefits if resistance is encountered during closing and prior to locking.

Accessories of the S-24B

Adjustable depth inverting head
Adjustable height inverting head
Teflon coated inverting head
Special parts for 18" or 20" width capability available
Scrap removal system (vacuum or winder)
Static eliminator
Film centerfolder

Specifications of the S-24B and S-24BL

Machine height adjustable from 31" to 43"
Foot print: 4.5' x 7'
Ship weight: 1222 lbs
Electrical: 220V, 20 Amps, 1 Phase (UL listed control panel)
Air: 0.5 CFM at 50 PSI

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