Starview RTS/MAP4-1015 Rotary Tray Sealer

Starview RTS/MAP4-1015 Rotary Tray Sealer

At a Glance

  • Includes modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) capability with 3 vacuum pump sizes
  • Standard finished package unloader lowers labor costs
  • Simply change the tooling to seal different tray sizes
  • Stainless steel wash down construction

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Protect Your Food Products with Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)

Starviews RTS/MAP4-1015 rotary tray sealing machines are designed and competitively priced for fresh counter packaging, typically a clear or printed film to a preformed tray for food manufacturing companies, catering, grocery stores, etc. The RTS/MAP Series provides a modified atmosphere in the package prior to sealing.

The RTS/MAP machines are ideal for medium to high production.

Starview RTS tray sealers can adapt to seal for a wide range of product tray sizes by simply changing the tooling. These machines trim the film to the profile of the tray and automatically rewind the scrap web.

The RTS/MAP Series sealers will provide years of dependable performance with a minimum of maintenance.

Advantages & Benefits

A wide range of standard and custom features available to match customer requirements.
AC Variable frequency precision cam index rotary table drive for smooth table operation and position repeatability.
Standard finished package unloader increases the machine versatility and lowers labor costs.
Uses quick-change anodized aluminum tooling.
Includes modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) capability with 3-sizes of vacuum pumps.
Convenient touch screen controls for operator convenience, accessibility and process repeatability.
A Starview exclusive remote access via standard Ethernet hardwire or optional Wi-Fi router gives management access to real-time process information from the machine.
Automatic film feed, seal & trim and scrap rewind for clear or random print film. Registered print film feed optional.
Stainless steel wash down construction to allow cleaning in a food handling environment.
Industry leading design, construction, features and customer support.

Standard Features

Programmable logic control (Omron)
- Intelligent system that allows changes or upgrades from Starview provided flash memory.
- Ethernet connection to PLC and HMI allows remote access by customer from PC, laptop, smartphones and tablet devices to HMI screens and PLC functions, and by Starview for program changes, diagnosis or updates when internet connected. Optional Wi-Fi connection available.
Color HMI includes:
- Time and date displayed on all screen pages.
- System monitoring page. Heating, batch counter and job recipe displayed at a glance.
- Production counter page displays total machine cycles, current job cycles and current job completed packages. Production speeds are displayed in both cycles per minute and packages per minute.
- Machine standby mode. 7-day programmable schedule allows automatic machine start-up and shut down.
- Full Job Recipe storage with memory for up to 100 different recipes.
- History page with last 200 cycles stored and displayed with time and date stamp.
- Seal Timer.
- Dwell Timer.
- Step-up counter.
- Production speed (cycles per minute).
- Manual / Auto mode.
- Complete manual control of all individual functions for set up.
- Table jog.
- Low air pressure machine cycle-stop.
- Machine diagnostics with difficulty location.
- On-screen system errors for troubleshooting.
- Last 1000 alarms stored and displayed with time and date stamp.
- Electrical parts page(s).
- Pneumatic parts page(s).
- Mechanical parts page(s).
Start/Stop system for Auto Mode.
Emergency Stop push buttons.
Teflon sheet covered sealing plate.
Quick change mounting for relieved face plates.
Automatic turntable, cam index drive with variable speed AC variable frequency controller.
Stainless steel rotary table.
Filter, regulator & pressure gauge & lubricator installed on airline.
Hot plate insulator.
Operator safety platen guard.
Rotary table perimeter safety guard.
Easy access through rear of machine for tooling changeover or maintenance .
Automatic film scrap rewind system with double fractioned roller.
Vacuum-gas (MAP) values controlled via the digital vacuum controller within the PLC.
Vacuum and gas managing through sensor or time.
Temperature controller with PID control system and PT100 probe to ensure a close and accurate control of the sealing plate temperature.
Tray unloading belt with roller pneumatic gravitational system.
Lubricated Busch vacuum pump, 100m³/h standard. Mounted within the machine frame. Optional 200 and 300 m³/h available.
Stainless steel safety guards.
Stainless steel support structure.
Tools manufactured in anodized aluminum.
Machine manufactured in stainless steel and anodized aluminum.

Operational Specifications

Maximum sealing area: 10.8" x 15.7"
Number of open load stations: 1
Profile film trim: Standard
Maximum tray dimensions: 10.8" x 15.7"
Maximum tray depth: 4.3"
Registered film: Optional
Maximum film width: 13.4"
Maximum film roll diameter: 9.4"
Average cycle speed no MAP: 1 to 15 cpm
Average cycle speed with MAP: 1 to 8 cpm

Technical Specifications

Electrical: 208-230 Volts / 3 PH / 32 Amps
Heating system: Temperature controlled interchangeable tooling
Actuator type: Pneumatic
Supplied air requirement: 100 psi
Standard vacuum pump: 100 m3/h
Approximate dimensions: 66"W x 84"D x 75"H
Working height: 37"
Approximate weight: 1,550 lbs

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