Shurtape GS 521 Fiberglass Reinforced Tape

Shurtape Fiberglass Reinforced GS 521Tape

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High Performance Grade Fiberglass Reinforced Tape

300 lbs/in tensile, high performance grade, cast polypropylene film, fiberglass reinforced, synthetic rubber/resin hot melt adhesive. Heavy duty closing, strapping, packaging, bundling, unitizing and palletizing and L-Clip applications.


300 lbs/in tensile
High performace grade
Cast polypropylene film
Fiberglass reinforced
Synthetic rubber/resin hot melt adhesive
ASTM D 5330, Type II


Heavy duty closing
Industrial packaging

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Specifications of GS 521 Fiberglass Reinforced Tape

Specification Standard Metric ASTM Test Method
Tensile Strength 300 lbs / in 525.4 N / 10 mm D 3759 D 3759M
Adhesion to Stainless Steel 70 oz / in 7.66 N / 10 mm D 3330 D 3330M
Thickness 6.3 mil 0.16 mm D 3652 D 3652M
Elongation 3.7% 3.7% D 3759 D 3759M
Service Temperature Min -10° F -23° C N/A
Service Temperature Max 150° F 66° C N/A
Adhesion to Kraft 37 oz / in width 4.05 N / 10 mm D 3330 D 3330M
Values obtained from tests do not represent a guarantee of product performance. Individual rolls may vary slightly from these averages. We recommend the user to determine whether the product is fit for a particular purpose and method of application.

GS 521 Available Sizes

Color Dimensions Rolls per Case Pounds per Case Cases per Pallet
White 12mm x 55m 72 20.9 64
White 18mm x 55m 48 20.9 64
White 24mm x 55m 36 20.9 64
White 36mm x 55m 24 20.9 64
White 48mm x 55m 24 27.7 64