Primetac 222 High-Performace Grade Filament Reinforced Tape

Primetac 222 High-Performace Grade Filament Reinforced Tape

At a Glance

  • 110 lbs per 1 inch tensile strength
  • Extremely tough for unitizing and bundling
  • Hand applications
  • White color

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High-Performace Grade Filament Reinforced Tape

Primetac filament tapes are reinforced for high-tensile strength. These extremely tough tapes are often used for unitizing and bundling.

Primetac 222 Filament Available Dimensions

Roll lengths for Primetac 222 filament tapes are determined when ordered

Specifications of Primetac Filament Reinforced Tape

Product Total Thickness Grade Color Adhesive Adhesion to Steel Tensile Strength Elongation at Break
220 3.9 mil
79 micron
Economy White Hot Melt 69 oz
per 1"
100 lbs
per 1"
222 4.1 mil
104 micron
High-Performance White Hot Melt 60 oz
per 1"
110 lbs
per 1"
230 4.0 mil
61 micron
Standard White Hot Melt 65 oz
per 1"
125 lbs
per 1"

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