AmTopp Inteplast LoadStar Plus HL Series Hand Stretch Film

AmTopp Inteplast LoadStar Plus HL Series Hand Stretch Wrap

At a Glance

  • Hand stretch wrap with exceptional puncture resistance, superior cling and quiet unwind
  • Designed to securely unitize irregularly shaped and difficult-to-wrap loads
  • Unparalleled strength in lighter gauges, allowing extreme down-gauge opportunities

To provide you with the best pricing, we require a minimum order of one pallet of material.

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Full Line of HL Series Thin Gauge Hand Stretch Film

Our hand stretch wrap is excellent for use in roping, bundling, and spiral applications. Hand stretch wrap is designed to handle regular loads, as well as B and C type loads, and offers down gauge opportunities to substantially reduce costs. Cast hand stretch wrap offers a clear, glossy appearance, superior stiffness, consistent differential cling, excellent tensile strength and stretch, and exceptional puncture and tear resistance.

This technologically advanced cast hand wrap is designed with a premium resin blend and manufactured on state of the art equipment.

This cast hand wrap exhibits unparalleled strength in lighter gauges, allowing extreme down-gauge opportunities. With exceptional puncture resistance characteristics, equal to higher gauged films, this hand wrap provides the greatest load holding force with the least amount of film weight.

Its exceptional puncture, superior cling and quiet unwind make it easy to work with, while the excellent clarity allows bar-code scanning capability at every stage in an automated handling environment.


Unrivaled load holding force
Superior cling
Unsurpassed puncture resistance
Low film neck-down
Superb economical value
Excellent clarity
Quiet release

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Specifications of HL Series Thin Gauge Hand Stretch Film

Product Thickness (ga) Width (in) Length (ft) Roll / Case Net Wt / Case Cases / Pallet Net Pallet Wt (lb)
HLB11540615M 45 16 1,500 4 17.2 32 553
HLB11540620M 45 16 2,000 4 23.0 32 737
HLB11545715M 45 18 1,500 4 19.4 32 622
HLB11545720M 45 18 2,000 4 25.9 32 829
HLB1440615M 55 16 1,500 4 21.1 32 676
HLB1440620M 55 16 2,000 4 28.1 32 901
HLB1445715M 55 18 1,500 4 23.7 32 760
HLB1445720M 55 18 2,000 4 31.6 32 1014
HLB1640615M 63 16 1,500 4 24.2 32 774
HLB1640620M 63 16 2,000 4 32.2 24 773
HLB1645715M 63 18 1,500 4 27.2 32 871
HLB1645720M 63 18 2,000 4 36.3 24 871

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