Roach 738LS Light-Duty Line Shaft Conveyor

Roach 738LS Light-Duty Line Shaft Conveyor

At a Glance

  • Light-duty line shaft driven
  • Single drive for all accessories
  • Reversible

Conveyor and Additions Driven by a Single Drive

The Roach 738LS light duty line shaft driven conveyor has gained widespread usage with its unique design. Curves, spurs and a number of accessories may be driven by a single drive.


Tread Rollers: 1-3/8" dia. x 18 ga. galvanized steel, model 138G with 5/16" hex, grooved.
Drive Belt: 1/8" dia., polyurethane belts. Nominal 10 lbs. per roller drive.
Drive Shaft: 1" dia. C1018 cold rolled steel shaft.
Couplings: Couplings located both ends (type A), one end only (type B or C) or none (type D).
Center Drive: Reversible drive; located approx. 18" from end of bed section for 3" and 6" RC; 16-1/2" for 4" RC.
Bed: 7" x 1-1/2" x 12 ga. formed steel channel frame. Bed sections attached w/ splice plates and floor supports.
Speed: 60 FPM, constant.
Bearings: Precision, lubricated, ball bearing units with composite housings.
Motor Drive: 1/3 HP, 230/460/3, 60 cycle, ODP right angle gear motor.
Roller Chain: Drive shaft is driven by No. 50 chain. Chain take-up provided on motor base.
Electrical Controls: Optional.


Side Mounted Drive: With 10" minimum elevation.
Floor Supports: Supports, knee braces, casters, polytier supports & ceiling hangers available.
Speed: Constant 15-120 FPM, or variable (specify). Minimum operating speed for line shaft conveyor is 30 FPM. Note: Capacity changes with speed.
Motors: Available through 2 HP in TEFC, explosion proof, dirty duty, 115/230/1, 575/3.
Electrical Controls: Manual start/stop push button switch; magnetic starter; others available.

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Horsepower and Drives

1/3, 1/2 21"
3/4, 1 22"
1-1/2, 2 23"

Roach 738LS Conveyor Lengths & Unit Weights

Unit Weights (lbs) with 1-1/2" Roller Centers
Per Foot

Roach 738LS Conveyor Unit Weights for Other than 1-1/2" Centers

10" BF16" BF22" BF

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