Syntegon Sigpack HBM Horizontal Flow Wrapper

Syntegon Sigpack HBM Horizontal Flow Wrapper

At a Glance

  • Designed for multi-shift operation
  • Modularity guarantees optimal system integration
  • Division of product / packaging material handling and drive elements
  • Up to 600 packages per minute
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Robust, Ergonomic Flow Wrapper

The Syntegon Sigpack HBM robust servo-driven flow wrapper is designed for multi-shift operation. Its high modularity guarantees optimal system integration. Strict division of product / packaging material handling and drive elements.

Products: Food products with a texture and consistency requiring the flow wrapping machine to be wet cleaned, as for example frozen food, meat or fish.

Packaging: Loose or tight-fitting pillow packs, with or without gusset fold. Transverse seam: Grooved longitudinally or transversely with straight or zigzag cut.

Packaging material: Printed, centred or plain, hot or cold sealable mono or laminated films.

Construction: The Sigpack HBM is designed to be particularly suitable for wet cleaning. Angled surfaces and drain holes ensure that water is drained off smoothly. Complete separation of product and packaging material handling and drive units. The machine is low maintenance and is available in left-hand and right-hand versions. The modular design allows customized configuration and optimal system integration.

Ergonomics and design: The pillow pack machines of the Hxx platform are designed to allow easy access to all machine components. The ergonomic operating height facilitates a comfortable operation, fast format changes and an easy exchange of packaging material reels.

The casings out of perforated stainless steel allow a view into the packaging area and comply with safety requirements. Dropped products debris is collected by product collection trolleys which can be easily emptied and cleaned.

Operation: The Sigpack HBM comes with a large touchscreen which allows the setting of product-specific parameters. In case of faults, the error code displayed allows for fast troubleshooting. Information on product statistics and the current operating status can also be accessed. During standard operation, the machine can be operated via separate keypad.


HMI with touchscreen at the swivel arm
Rotating transverse sealing station
1-2 wing structure at transverse heater
Heat seal equipment
4 pairs of feeder rollers (1x cold, 2x heated, 1x foldover)
Dual roll unwinder with driven auxiliary unwinder
5 servo motors (infeed support, unwinder, longitudinal roller advance, transverse sealing station, discharge belt)
Automatic film splicing with ultrasonic film end detection
Electronic parameter change
Broad infeed conveyor portfolio with multiple product-specific functionality
Stainless steel machine design
Automatic film track control


The hygienic design allows fast and easy cleaning
Optimal accessibility for maintenance and cleaning
Maximum productivity with optimized footprint
High efficiency
Optimal ease of use and operational safety
Fast and secure format changes
AC servo motors
Minimal maintenance


Pneumatic gusset folder
Water-cooled cover plates at roller advance
Various opening aids (notches, tear tape, laser perforation etc.)
Cross seal with Eurohole and round hole
No Gap No Seal (NGNS) function
No Product No Paper (NPNP) function

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Output HBM 400 WD max. 600ppm
HBM 700 WD max. 400 ppm
Film Speed HBM 400 WD max 80 m/min.
HBM 700 WD max. 80 m/min.
Cut-Off HBM 400 WD 50-500 mm HBM 700 WD 50-500 mm
Width HBM 400 WD max. 150 mm HBM 700 WD max. 300 mm
Height HBM 400 WD max. 80 mm HBM 700 WD max. 80 mm
Film Reel
Reel Diameter HBM 400 WD max. 400 mm HBM 700 WD max. 400 mm
Film Width HBM 400 WD max. 400 mm HBM 700 WD max. 700 mm
Power & Air
Voltage 3-phase, 380-480 V, 50/60 Hz
Energy Usage 12 kVA
Air 6 bar; 0,03-1 m3/h for faulty packet ejector and/or air gusset folder
Machine Weight HBM 700 with infeed approx. 3.5 tons

Please contact Pro Pac or call 888-318-0083 for your flow wrapping equipment.

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