QuantumPak Q400C Continuous Band Sealer

QuantumPak Q400C Continuous Band Sealer

At a Glance

  • Seals bags weighing up to 10 pounds
  • Up to 400 inches per minute
  • Modular components for easy expandability
Sustainability Tip

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Hermetically Seal Bags up to 400" per Minute

QuantumPak Q400C continuous band sealer hermetically seals bags and pouches at speeds up to 400" per minute.

The Q400C band sealer hermetically seals a wide variety of bag styles made of nearly any kind of material including metalized laminates, paper laminates, and a variety of plastic materials.

This band sealer can carry bags weighing up to 10 lbs. Easy-to-use digital controls for the temperature and speed and can be adjusted to accommodate a wide variety of material, ensuring reliable seals.

The QuantumPak Q400C is built for 24/7 operation in a wide variety of industries.


Synchronized 6" wide x 4' long product conveyor
Maximum Speed of 400" per minute
Flow Right-to-Left flow
Capable of handling bags up to 18” tall
Detachable seal module (for faster changing of the seal bands/seal widths)
Easy to use digital controls
Quick change seal bands
Rugged control box construction
Crank wheel height adjustment for sealer
Spring Loaded pressure bars for better sealing pressure on thicker/gusseted bags
Rugged reinforced caster mounts & casters
USA manufactured controller


Heavy-duty gear box
Direct drive, no timing belts
Rugged stainless steel control box construction
Locking heavy-duty stainless steel 4" dia. casters
Rugged reinforced caster mounts
USA manufactured controller


Minimum head space
Wider seal widths
Tabletop version

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