Wulftec WCAT-450 Turntable and Rotary Arm Automatic Stretch Wrapper

Wulftec WCAT-450 Automatic Stretch Wrapper

At a Glance

  • Combined rotary arm and turntable wrapping system
  • Fast 45 RPM
  • Up to 120 pallet loads per hour
  • 5000 max load weight
  • Robust 4-legged design for maximum stability at high speed
  • These stretch wrappers are built to last forever
  • Best warranties in the stretch wrapper industry
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Wulftec WCAT-450 Automatic Stretch Wrapper

Automatic Rotary Arm with Conveyorized Turntable

The Wulftec WCAT-450 stretch wrap system is an automatic rotary arm combined with a conveyorized turntable, the ideal stretch wrapping solution for high speed application. This versatile combo gives the possibility of switching operating modes: operation in only rotary arm mode, operation in only turntable mode, or operation in combo arm turntable mode at 45 RPM. Expect to improve productivity, operator efficiency while reducing film and labor costs.

Features of the WCAT-450

AC variable frequency drives as standard equipment on all machines
With lower maintenance and better reliability, Wulftec stretch wrappers will save time and money
NEMA 4/12 control panel dust tight and waterproof
Control panel is neatly organized eliminating time otherwise lost searching for wires
Control panel is UL508A approved
Superior electrical design including Allen Bradley MicroLogix PLC and AC drives
User-friendly touch-screen offers a simple effective way to adjust and maintain your equipment
All motors, proximity sensors, photoeyes and other sensors have quick disconnect cables that simplify installation and maintenance
All Wulftec structures are made of heavy-duty steel for rugged performance, even in the harshest work environments
These stretch wrappers are built to last forever
Robust 4-legged design for maximum stability at high speed
25" ring gear with pinion gear drive provides the strongest drive in the industry and is warranteed for 10 years
Dual chain driven for balanced movement & no vibration
Heavy-duty conveyors are second to none in the industry
The Maintenance Free spring loaded carriage gate equipped with spring loaded rollers, ensures optimal contact with the stretch film year after year, without involving maintenance
Wulftec is the only manufacturer to offer a LIFETIME warranty on its pre-stretch roller blue compound
Preset pre-stretch ratios are available from 50-300%
Angled carriage with very low wrap possibility properly secures the product to the pallet, resulting in stable transport and less damage
No film threading required
Lexan cover eliminates operator's ability to reach rollers when gate is closed
Wulftec's revolutionary drop away clamp ensures clean film release from the pallet load
Benefit from Wulftec's splash proof program with the top cover pause
Non-Proprietary parts accessible on a local base

Cut and Wipe System

Pneumatically operated cut and wipe-on system automatically cuts and wipes the film onto the load upon cycle end
First a vertical roller positions the film over the clamp which grabs the film, ensuring longer heat wire life expectancy
Then the heat wire swings in and cuts the film
A timed impulse heat control allows quick cool down so the heat wire becomes cold to the touch within 5 seconds

Best Warranties in the Industry

3-year unlimited cycle warranty
10-year warranty on steel structure
10-year warranty on 25" ring gear bearings
Lifetime warranty on pre-stretch roller blue compound

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Production Rate 120 loads per hour
Machine Dimensions 259" L x 148" W x 140" H
Maximum Load Size 48" L x 48" W x 80" H
Load Weight 5000 lbs (6000 lbs optional)
Approximate Shipping Weight 12000 lbs
Electrical Requirements 230 V /3 ph /60Hz 35A
Pneumatic Requirements 3 cfm @ 80 psi
Controls NEMA 4/12 control cabinet with quick disconnect
Allen Bradley PanelView Plus 600 color touch screen interface
Allen Bradley CompactLogix L16ER PLC with an integrated Ethernet port
24V control system
Current overload protection
Sick autoheight sensing photoeye with on/off mode
Power on/off lockable switch and indicator light
230VACMotors with AC variable frequency drives and contactors
Four emergency stop stations (1 on panel / 1 in wrap zone / 1 on infeed and outfeed conveyor)
Manual mode for rotation fwd/rev and carriage up/down
Variable rotary arm speed (15 RPM)
Double brush dust tight slip ring
Intuitive alarms diagnostic & active maintenance screens
Separate turntable and rotary arm rotation speed controls
Separate top and bottom wrap selections (0-9)
Separate up and down carriage speeds
Film force to load control
All conveyors with independent fwd/rev manual function
Alarm beacon
Dynamic braking system for rotary arm with AC drive
120 VAC outlet in control panel for service work
Film Delivery System 20" NO-THREAD® Powered Pre-Stretch (no film threading)
1 HP 230VAC Motor & AC variable frequency drive
Lifetime warranty on pre-stretch rollers blue compound
Film force release for easy pull at start and end of cycle
50-300% pre-stretch ratio (preset to customer specs-std 200%)
Electronic film tension control with analog sensor
Sensing device for film out/broken with visual alarm
Lexan roller cover for operator safety
Emergency stop for arm path obstruction
Angled carriage to wrap approx. 2" from conveyor level
Film Carriage Drive 1 HP AC motor with Allen Bradley variable frequency drive
Two #50 carriage lifting chains
Dual steel supporting boom
Power track for efficient guiding of wires
Machined UHMW-PE carriage glides on 1/2" CRS rails
Film Tail Treatment Automatic film clamping device
Pulsed controlled cutter
Film alignment arm
Brush-on film tail treatment
Heat Seal treatment optional
Structure Heavy duty structural steel construction: easy access to all components
Free standing integrated leg design (Four 6" x 6" legs)
Counter-balanced rotary arm for smooth rotation
Safety fencing with interlocked access door
Rotary Arm Drive 25" Heavy duty ring GEAR with pinion gear drive
0-30 RPM variable speed
Dual steel boom rotary arm
2 HP 230VAC/ Motor & AC variable frequency drive
Electronic soft start/stop
Positive arm alignment controlled by proximity sensor
Pneumatic braking system for rotary arm
Turntable Drive 25" Heavy duty ring GEAR with pinion gear drive
0-15 RPM variable speed
1 1/2 HP 230VAC motor with Allen Bradley variable frequency drive
Electronic soft start/stop
Positive turntable alignment controlled by proximity sensor
Electric brake for turntable
Safety Features 5 photoeyes which monitor access points to wrapping zone and prevent accidental insertion of foreign object during wrapping
4 E-Stop mushroom type push buttons: 1 on control panel, 1 in wrapping zone, 1 on infeed conveyor and 1 on outfeed conveyor
(Additional E-Stop are available upon request)
Wrapping zone enclosed by heavy-duty personnel obstruction fencing complete with electronically interlocked access door
An object obstruction safety device stops the machine functions should there be any interference in the wrapping area
Conveyor 2 x 7'6" powered roller infeed and outfeed conveyors with contour shape
Standard pass height 18"
Other pass heights available, consult factory
2- 1/2" diameter rollers on 3" centers
52" BFR (between frame rails)
3/16" walls cold rolled electric welded steel rollers
All rollers driven via #40 chain
1 HP 230VAC motor with Allen Bradley variable frequency drive
Heavy-duty structural steel design, interlocking style for continuous equal roller spacing
Heavy-duty cast iron flange mounted bearings
Turntable Conveyor 77" dia. 1/2" steel plate turntable
2 1/2" dia. rollers on 3" centers
All full length rollers driven
3/16" wall cold rolled electric welded steel rollers
52" BFR (between frame rails)
1 HP AC motor with Allen Bradley variable frequency drive
Electronic soft start/stop
Rollers driven via #40 chain
Heavy duty cast iron flange mounted bearing
Technical Information The machine is provided with a manual including electro/mechanical schematics and drawings, maintenance program and PLC program disk


Carriage 30" NO-THREAD® powered pre-stretch carriage
Pneumatic roping dual
Pneumatic roping single
Controls Communication bypass mode
Warning alarm / horn
Heat Seal Conveyor side mounted heat seal
Motors Wash-down motors on conveyor
Photoeye Dark load detection
Forklift detection
Safety Safety package
Scale Electronic scale
Temperature Package Cold A (32 to 41°F / 0 to 5°C)
Cold B (5 to 32°F / -15 to 0°C) without process conveyor
Cold C (-31 to 5°F / -35 to -15°C)
Fan & exhaust

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