Ohlson Lindex 50C Automatic Cup and Tray System

Ohlson Lindex 50C Automatic Cup and Tray System

At a Glance

  • Quickly fills trays and cups with food and non-food products
  • Fills up to 120 cups or trays per minute
  • Can include lidding, shrink banding, date coding, and labeling

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Ohlson Lindex 50C Automatic Cup and Tray System
Ohlson Lindex 50C Automatic Cup and Tray System

Automatic Tray and Cup Filling

The Ohlson Packaging Lindex 50C automatic cup and tray sealing systems quickly fill trays and cups with various products including medical devices, hardware, and food products such as snacks and frozen meals.

Benefits of the Lindex 50C

Automatic cup and tray dispensing from storage magazine
Accommodates up to 6 lanes of cups and trays
Fills cup and tray sizes 2" to 12" wide
Speeds up to 20 cycles per minute per lane (up to 120 cycles per minute for 6 lane system)
Liquid, powder, scale, volumetric, hand and specialty filling available
Automatic lidding station, shrink banding, date coding, and labeling

Features of the Lindex 50C

Travelling indexing assembly
Quick tool change for different containers
Variable speed infeed / discharge conveyor
No container – no fill sensor
Safety switches & E-stop
Stainless steel framework and food grade materials
Fully adjustable guide rails
Anti-vibration leveling feet
Easy to use color touchscreen operator interface
PLC Controls


Extra tooling assemblies for different containers
Optional top sealing station with optional gas flush
Extended infeed conveyor
Automatic case packing and case shrink system available

Production Rates

Up to 120 bottles per minute

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