Ohlson Reciprocating Clamshell Placer

Ohlson Reciprocating Clamshell Placer

At a Glance

  • Automatically de-nests and places clamshells on indexing conveyor for filling
  • Back-to-back air cycle drive controls
  • Two lanes of product

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Ohlson Reciprocating Clamshell Placer
Ohlson Reciprocating Clamshell Placer

Fast Clamshell Placement

The Ohlson reciprocating clamshell placer automatically de-nests plastic clamshell trays and places them on an indexing conveyor or other part of the production process, positioned to be filled.


Drive controls: Back-to-back air cycle drive
Signal options: Customer to signal placement
Motion type: Standard reciprocating motion
Machine hand: Right hand machine
Head width: 24" dual side
Arm: 12" arm length, double side
Number of lanes: Two lanes of product
Rail material: Aluminum
Magazine: 36" inclined universal adjustable quick change magazine
Placement type: Horizontal placement
Vacuum system: Venturi vacuum generator
Mount: Standard floor stand with ratchet height adjustment and casters

Power and Air

Electrical: 120 VAC supply voltage, 24 VDC control voltage
Air: 80 psi clean dry air supply required, CFM dependent on vacuum system specified

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