Redpack HC65 High Care Fin Seal Flow Wrapper

Redpack HC65 High Care Fin Seal Flow Wrapper

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  • Wash down design
  • IP65 rated infeed and discharge
  • Quick change over

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Redpack HC65 High Care Fin Seal Flow Wrapper Redpack HC65 High Care Fin Seal Flow Wrapper Products

Wash Down Design for Fast Cleaning

The Redpack HC65 is an IP65 (ingress protection) rated bottom-seal flow wrapping machine. Designed to minimize debris traps with no flat horizontal surfaces and sealed structural sections, the HC65 is easy to maintain and keep clean with a low pressure hose.

Redpack HC65 discharge and infeed are manufactured to an IP65 (water proof 30mins<1m) rated specification. The discharge is designed for quick removal from the flow wrapper. The infeed has a cantilevered construction with drop down side and a quick-release chain for easy and fast cleaning - ideal for busy pack houses where downtime must be kept to a minimum.

Simple Interface and Quick Change Over

With a multi-axis drive, the HC65 is designed for product flexibility. The touch screen HMI offers a simple operator interface for easy parameter entry and quick product changeover.

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