Redpack P325S-BM Box Motion Horizontal Flow Wrapper

Redpack P325S Box Motion Horizontal Flow Wrapper

At a Glance

  • Long dwell box motion end crimp ensures hermetic seals
  • Highly responsive independent heavy-duty servo drives
  • Several infeed configurations provide flexibility
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Redpack P325S Box Motion Horizontal Flow Wrapper

Hermetic Seals Made by Long-Dwell Box Motion Seal Head

The highly versatile Redpack P325S-BM box motion flow wrapping machine delivers for a wide variety of applications. This flow wrapper is available with several infeed configurations making it an excellent choice where flexibility is a must.

Designed for challenging environments, the Redpack P325S-BM is robustly manufactured with precision engineered components contained in a stainless-steel housing providing minimum maintenance requirements and 24/7 production capability.

The box motion end crimp works for both ambient and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). The P325S-BM is able to seal a wide variety of materials including paper, simple films such as OPP, PET, PE etc. as well as laminates and cold seal materials.

Highly responsive heavy-duty servo drives independently control the infeed, pre-feed, seam crimp rollers, end crimp and film mandrel for accurate positioning.

The 18.5" touch HMI graphic interface provides all adjustments, settings, run data, and recipe selection. It has a modem for remote support and updates.


Independent drives synchronized through servo-control system.
Fully automatic and recipe selectable.
18.5" color HMI touch screen.
Simple operator input of multiple settings per product name / recipe.
Stainless steel machine housing with precision-engineered components designed for high-production stability and 24/7 production capability.
Multi-pitch position infeed to accomodate a wide range of products.
Built-in integrated chassis for easy lifting.
Conveyor infeed with 600mm separating belt (alternative arrangements are available to suit application methodology)
Infeed includes appropriate emergency stop positions.
Quick release pneumatic reel clamping with inset roll width markers.
Combination of motorized film holder and prefeed unit for superior film control.
Single point adjustment, self-centring film fold box for different sized products.
Multiple sets of seam crimp rollers.
Automatic seam crimp release to prevent film melt when the machine stops.
Recipe savable precision temperature controllers.
Feet to stabilize the machine in position.
Integrated outfeed options.
Independent temperature control of the welding jaw heaters.
Universal integrated holder for optional thermal transfer printer.
Facility for optional integrated label applicator.
Modem for remote support, machine diagnostics and over-the-air updates.
Intelligent no product, no bag system prevents packaging waste.

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