Redpack Custom Horizontal Flow Wrap Systems

Pro Pac works with Redpack to offer tailor made packaging systems based around either the P325 Bottom Seal, the HTS Top Seal, or the NTS Top Seal flow wrapping machines.

We work with clients from project concept, design and development, machine build, factory installation and staff training. We can provide you with the perfect solution for your packaging needs with customized flow wrapping line.

Please contact Pro Pac or call 888-318-0083 for your horizontal flow wrapping equipment.


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Redpack Fresh Produce Field Rig Wrapping System

The complete Redpack field rig packaging system can collapse to meet regulation road size when traveling between farms.

Redpack Trading Card Flow Wrapping System

Redpack flow wrapping machine integrated with 8 card feeders with batching outfeed conveyor.

Redpack Greeting Card Flow Wrapper

Redpack flow wrapping machine with integrated card feeders for greetings cards and envelopes, with packed card counter and batching outfeed conveyor.

Redpack Chocolates on a Card Flow Wrapping System

This Redpack system automatically cuts, scores and feed cards, feeds chocolates, and wraps the assembly in cold seal film.

Redpack Health Bar Flow Wrapping System

This Redpack system includes several components including infeed conveyor from production, 90 degree and bar orientation conveyors, metal detector, and more.

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