Redpack NTS-BM Box Motion Top-Seal Horizontal Flow Wrapper

Redpack NTS-BM Box Motion Top-Seal Horizontal Flow Wrapper

At a Glance

  • Box motion end end seal
  • Hermetic and water-tight seals
  • Touch screen HMI with recipe storage
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Redpack NTS-BM Box Motion Top-Seal Horizontal Flow Wrapper

Hermetic Water Tight Seals

The NTS-BM is designed to wrap products that require high-integrity hermetic seals with a long-dwell sealing process - ideal for medical industry products.

Rugged Box Motion Flow Wrapper

The Redpack NTS-BM box motion top-seal machine is robustly built with stainless steel.

State-of-the-Art Technology

The Redpack HTS has an advanced three-axis servo-drive system, supported by a 10.3" HMI color touch screen.

Simple Fast Product Change Over

Using simple commands, operators quickly adjust the machine to package different products. Recipe storage allows bag length, print registration, end crimp slow down, infeed position, printed code position and machine speed to be changed automatically by simply entering a product name on the touch screen.

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