Axon EZ-150SL Low-Speed Shrink Sleeve Applicator

Axon EZ-150SL Low-Speed Shrink Sleeve Applicator

At a Glance

  • Compact mandrel style applicator offering speeds up to 150 cpm
  • Widely used in the craft beer industry
  • Robust stainless steel frame
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Axon EZ-150SL Low-Speed Shrink Sleeve Applicator
Axon EZ-150SL Low-Speed Shrink Sleeve Applicator Sleeve Types

Dependable Shrink Sleeving Speeds Up to 150 CPM

Axon's EZ-150SL is a value priced, small footprint, low-speed shrink sleeve applicator designed to run up to 150 containers per minute. The EZ-150SL is a mandrel style machine developed for ready-to-drink beverage cans and it is widely used in the craft beer industry.

EZ-150SL sleeve applicators use servo motion control to deliver consistent, repeatable performance. Container changeovers are tool-less and require less than ten minutes depending on product sizes and shapes.

These shrink sleeve applicators feature robust stainless steel frames that are designed with beverage plant operating conditions in mind.

Features & Benefits

Size range flexibility - Container or multipack diameters range from 1.2" (30 mm) to 4.9" (125 mm). Larger sizes are compatible with EZ-Wide or Aurora Wide applicators.
Fast, tool-less size changeovers - Size changeovers can be completed in less than ten minutes depending on container sizes and shapes.
Servo motion control - High performance motion control delivers fast and accurate film feeding, film registration, and cutting.
Intuitive, industry standard PackML programming & HMI user interfaces - Consistent terminology, consistent screen displays and standardized program structures enhance ease of operation and maintenance.
Electronic height adjustment - Push-button system eliminates manual hand-crank height adjustments.
Sealed-for-life bearings - Lubrication free bearings and servo motion control make the EZ-150SL a lubrication free machine.


The Axon EZ-150SL offers the flexibility to perform multiple shrink applications.

Tamper evident bands
Partial-body sleeves
Full-body sleeves


Print registration - Fiber optic sensor reads film registration marks so the PLC can calculate cut lengths to assure sleeve length accuracy.
Vertical perforator - Adds vertical perforations for easy opening.
Inspection rejection system – Detects high label, low label, and no label.
Spare parts kit - Recommended start-up spare parts inventory.


Speed Up to 150 cpm
Film Layflat Range 50 mm - 200 mm (2.0" - 7.8")
Applied Film Materials PVC, PETG, OPS, PLA
Film Thickness 40 - 70 microns (1.5 - 3.0 mil)
Product Diameter 30 mm - 125 mm (1.18" - 4.92")
Controls Siemens standard, Allen Bradley optional
Machine Frame Stainless steel
Power 220V Single or 3ph

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