Dynaric ST1 Fully-Automatic Strapper

Dynaric ST1 Fully Automatic Strapping Machine

At a Glance

  • Fully-automatic strapper with photo switches and variable-speed belts
  • Ideal for strapping totes, boxes and large cartons
  • Runs 5mm, 6mm or 9mm strapping material

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Dynaric ST1 Fully Automatic Strapping Machine Dynaric ST1 Fully Automatic Strapping Machine Dynaric ST1 Fully Automatic Strapping Machine Dynaric ST1 Fully Automatic Strapping Machine

Photo Switches and Variable Speed Belts this Strapper Needs No Operator

The fully automatic Dynaric ST1 box strapping machine, equipped with variable speed powered belts, eliminates the need for an operator. The ST1 is ideal for strapping totes, boxes and large cartons.

Although the unit can be switched to manual and used like an offline unit, the ST1 is designed to operate automatically using adjustable photo switches to detect incoming packages.

To decrease downtime in between coil changes the ST1 is equipped with an externally located dispenser that can utilize Dynaric XL coils.

The ST1 is equipped with an automatic strap feeding system as well as an end-of-strap sensing system with automatic strap discharge once a coil has been completed. The ST1 can be customized to meet the requirements of any packaging environment.


Accepts 5mm, 6mm or 9mm strapping with no additional parts required
Automatic strap feed
Strap end sensing systems, automatic discharge of remaining strap
Equipped with safety strap cutters outside the machine
Up and downstream interlocking
Adjustable conveyor height from 775mm (30.5") to 900mm (35.4")
PC control with operating unit and display signal processing via PLC control unit
Automatic strap tensioning, depending on height of package
Hinged table tops
Table belt conveyor drive steplessly adjustable (frequency inverter)
Quick changing device for strap dispenser
Heat seal smoke dissipation fan
Capable of operating on single phase 120 volts or 3 phase power (208 volts to 460 volts)
Six month warranty on all parts

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Specifications of the ST1

Overall Width 23.9" (608 mm)
Overall Length 58.1" (1477 mm)*
Overall Height 52.8" (1342.7 mm)*
Table Height 30.5" (625 mm)
Weight 374 lbs (170 kg)*
Cycle Time 30 bundles per minute*
Cycle Initiation Push button (manual) / Photoeye (automatic)
Strap Size 1/4" to 3/8" (5 mm - 9 mm)
Package Size Maximum: Determined by arch
Minimum: 3.9"W x .39"H
Tension Ultrasonic bundle sensing system with stepless adjustment of tension force
Seal Head Location Bottom
Sealing Method Heat seal
Mobility 2 swivel and 2 fixed casters
Dispenser Externally located: 8" or 9" I.D. / 8" Face / 18"O.D.
Power 220 or 440 Volt 3 Phase

* Depending on arch size

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