Sandiacre CM Verus VFFS Bagging System

Hayssen Sandiacre CM Verus VFFS Bagging System

At a Glance

  • Hygienic sanitary design and performance
  • Built for wet environments
  • IP65 wash-down
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Hayssen Sandiacre CM Verus VFFS Bagging System
Hayssen Sandiacre CM Verus VFFS Bagging System Front
Hayssen Sandiacre CM Verus VFFS Bagging System Front Door Open
Hayssen Sandiacre CM Verus VFFS Bagging System Left Front
Hayssen Sandiacre CM Verus VFFS Bagging System Sealing Jaws and Film Former
Hayssen Sandiacre CM Verus VFFS Bagging System Left Rear
Hayssen Sandiacre CM Verus VFFS Bagging System Low Height HMI

Continuous Motion Vertical Form Fill Seal

The Sandiacre CM Verus is a modern continuous motion vertical form fill seal packaging machine that offers the traditional proven performance, quality and robustness with high-speed, continuous motion reliability. Its overall design specifically takes into account the hygienic and sanitary requirements of wet environments.


Easy to Operate: Ergonomic design with intuitive HMI with on-screen assistance.
Easy Changeover: Tool-less format changes,easy film threading, recipe driven settings, powered actuators.
Class-Leading Connectivity: Remote support,integration with associated production equipment and systems.
Reliable: Rugged design, minimal parts, proven sealing technologies.
Hygienic Features: Sloping electrical cabinet,minimal pooling areas, all modules on stand-offs.
Easy to Clean: Closed module design, IP65 wash-down, minimized machine height.
Easy to Maintain: Simple modular design, grouped greasing points, internal lighting.
Max Flat Bag Width: 15.75" (400mm) (no bag length limit).

Machine Features

Continuous motion servo driven VFFS machine.
Stainless steel and anodized aluminium construction.
Hygienic, easy to clean, IP65 machine module and electrical cabinet.
Simple easy to maintain machine design.
Acrylic front machine guards and elevator tunnel guard.
Stainless steel top tray with drain hole/pipe for wet environment.
Max flat bag Width of 400 mm (and no bag length limit).
Allen Bradley Compact Logix PLC and Kinetix 5500 servo control system.
Allen Bradley 9” PanelView Plus color touch screen HMI.
Servo-driven, reciprocating, variable vertical stroke cross seal jaws.
Stepper-driven vacuum-assisted film transport system.
Self-centering transport belts for faster format changes.
Single side-load powered reel mandrel, to 600mm reel / 76mm reel core dia.
Reel run-out and reel low alarm features.
Manual splicer with film tail clamp and easy threading features.
Powered auto-tracking of film.
Film perforation unit to add holes for bag deflation.
IQF spec forming tube in 304 stainless steel.
Recipe driven automatic vertical sealer positioning.
Hot air vertical seal system and impulse welding jaws for PE films.
Rotary heated band and crimp pattern heat-seal jaws for PP and laminate films.
Standard fixed V plates above jaws to protect film from product damage.
Band type cushion plates below jaws to remove air from the bag.
Provision for printer / coder, electrical signal only.
Synchronization for labelers, metal detection, printer and feed systems.

Available Options

Allen Bradley 12" color touch screen.
Polyethylene Sealing (quali-seal heat or impulse).
Twin film reel unwind, side load and drop-in mandrels.
Bag support and bag tipper devices.
Product catcher/stager devices.
Gas flushing.
Anti-bridging device.
Anti-static system.
Heated punch for Euro hole or carry handle.
Tear notch for easy opening.
Flat bottom bag base fin-seal folding devices.
Remote monitoring and tele-assistance / diagnostics package.
Integration with a variety of printers, labelers and other OEM devices.


Power: 380–480 Vac, 3 Phase, 50/60 Hz 5.8 Bar
Air: Clean, dry air

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