Hayssen IM Verus VFFS Bagging System

Hayssen IM Verus VFFS Bagging System

At a Glance

  • High-speed intermittent motion
  • Highly flexible with large range of bag styles
  • Allen Bradley CompactLogix control system
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Hayssen IM Verus VFFS Bagging System

Continuous Motion Vertical Form Fill Seal

The high operational efficiency of the Hayssen IM Verus is achieved by its reliable, functional, and durable design and construction. The Hayssen IM Versus ease of use, simple operation, and accessible maintenance capabilities also add to the efficiency of this robust this bagger.

Bag format changeovers are a matter of minutes between simple format sizes.

With a multitude of features and options, the IM Verus bagger is one of the most versatile, efficient, and competitive machines on the market.


Robust and sanitary design suitable for a wide range of challenging industries.
High-speed intermittent motion with precise film control.
Flexible bagger with a large range of bag styles: Quad, Block Bottom, Gusseted, Pillow, Strip and Resealable Zipper.
Range of sealing systems for polyethylene and/or heat seal materials.
Allen Bradley CompactLogix control system with color 6" touch screen operator interface with choice of languages and access restriction feature.
Stainless steel and aluminum construction with IP65 electrical cabinet and HMI enclosure.
Acrylic or laser-cut stainless steel front guards.
Stepper motor-driven pull belts Servo driven jaw actuation for high speed and high sealing integrity.
Up to 110 bags per minute (depending on bag style and size)

Package Range

IM Verus 35 bag width: 1.97" - 12.60" (50mm - 320mm)
IM Verus 45 bag width: 2.75" - 15.75" (70mm - 400mm)

Available Options

Allen Bradley 10" color touch screen
Gas flushing
Anti-bridging device at the entrance of forming tube
Anti-static system
Polyethylene sealing (constant heat or impulse weld jaws)
Heated punch for euroslot or carry handle
Tear notch for easy vertical or horizontal opening
Lower flap folder (heated or non-heated)
Remote monitoring and tele-assistance / diagnostics package
Integration with a variety of printers and labelers
Inclined take-off elevator


Power: 380–480 Vac, 3 Phase, 50/60 Hz
Air: 5.8 Bar, clean, dry air

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