Simionato Doyzip 380 VFFS Bagging System

BW Flexible Systems Simionato Doyzip 380 VFFS Bagging System

At a Glance

  • Seal, doy and 3-side seal bags
  • Produces doy bags up to 380mm
  • Icon driven 10 inch color touch-screen operator interface
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BW Flexible Systems Simionato Doyzip 380 VFFS Bagging System

High Performance for the Biggest Doy Bags

Combining proven state-of-the-art technology, customer-driven features, and reliable design, the DoyZip 380 VFFS intermittent-motion bagger can efficiently produce a range of bag formats, sizes, and shapes, with or without zip re-close.

The DoyZip 380 offers high performance and produces doy bags up to 380mm!

The Hayssen DoyZip 380 is one of the most versatile, efficient, and competitive machines on the market.

Features & Benefits

High-speed intermittent motion VFFS bagger with precise film control to efficiently produce a wide range of bag formats, sizes, and shapes, all with or without zip reclose
Versatility to make the complete range of bag formats pillow, gusseted, block bottom, quad 4-corner
Seal, doy and 3-side seal bags
Sealing systems for polyethylene and laminate multi-layer films
Biggest doy bag available with a height of 380 mm
Intuitive, icon-driven operator interface with 10" color touch-screen panel PC and remote monitoring/control capability
Optimized productivity with quick change-over times
Servo motor driven sealing jaw actuation for high-speed output and optimum seal integrity

Production Rate

Up to 100 ppm


Vertical in-line ZIP system for Doy and 3-side seal bags
Transverse ZIP system for all other bag formats
Euro hole or carry handle easy open notch
Allen-Bradley control system
Full stainless steel and aluminum construction
Vacuum pull belts
Nip drive roll for film advance assist
Quad 4-corner sealing system
Gusset device for pillow or block bottom bag
Flat bottom film fin bending/cooling
Static elimination
Gas flush and detection
Dust extraction
Remote monitoring/control and teleassistance/diagnostics package with IP webcam
Integration with a variety of printers and labelers
Product anti-bridging devices
Strip bags with perforation for easy tear separation
Film punch for Doy bag bottom gusset seal for mono-sealant films

Power Requirements

Power: 208/480 vac, 3 phase + ground, 50/60 hz, 8.5 KVA max

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