Simionato Logic S VFFS Bagging System

BW Flexible Systems Simionato Logic S VFFS Bagging System

At a Glance

  • Modular design for easy changeover and future reconfigurations
  • High-performance sealing via servo-driven jaws
  • Wide range of bag styles: doy, quad, block bottom, 4-side seal, pillow
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BW Flexible Systems Simionato Logic S VFFS Bagging System
Simionato Logic S Types of Bags
Simionato Logic S Dual Bagging System Drawing
Simionato Logic S VFFS Bagger with Multi-Head Scale

The Simionato Logic S offers important benefits for high-speed, adjustable force, and easy format changes.

Available in right and left-hand versions, the duplex footprint occupies no more floor space than a single system. For more severe environmental conditions, a stainless steel AISI 304/316 is available. The Logic S 450 is capable of holding reels up to 880mm (34.6"), ideal for large format packaging. The intuitive HMI allows for easy set up and control of the machine. Advanced statistics and continuous calculations combine to guarantee maximum precision of every machine cycle.

Features & Benefits

Flexibility for packaging various products in a large range of bag types: D-bag, quad, block bottom, pillow
High-performance sealing via servo-driven jaws
Configurable in right or left hand versions
Stainless steel construction available
Multiple jaw configurations
Modular design for easy changeover and future reconfigurations
User-friendly HMI with interactive graphics
Self-centering, stepper-driven pull belts
Laterally adjustable backseal platen
Environmental protection by fully enclosed construction
Quick film change with pneumatic spindles
Vacuum assisted splice table for quick film change
Compact film path with adjustable film tension
Low film and film run out detection
Easy setup via user-friendly HMI with interactive graphics
100 recipe memory
Adjustable sealing force via HMI panel
Jaw speed independently adjustable
Real time parameter adjustment
Automatic film tracking
Photo eye registration
Encoder for precise control of the bag length
Alarm history

Types of Bags

Flat bottom
Quad pack: flat bottom 4 side sealing
Doy pack
D-Bag: no top fin
2 Sided tucked (gusseted)

Production Rate

Up to 130 bags per minute

Package Width Range

Logic S350: 2.16" to 12.2” (55mm to 310mm)
Logic S450: 5.5” to 15.75” (140mm to 400mm)


Gas flushing
Polyethylene sealing
Anti-bridging device
Anti-static system
Punch for euroslot or round hole
Tear notch for easy opening
Metal detector
Duplex configuration
Right or left hand configuration
Product settling device
Lower flap folder (heated or not-heated)
Stainless steel available
Ethernet connectivity

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