Hayssen ISB VFFS Bagging System

Hayssen ISB VFFS Bagging System

At a Glance

  • Hygienic design and performance
  • Intuitive machine operation
  • High-pressure washdown capable
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Hayssen ISB VFFS Bagging System
Hayssen ISB VFFS Bagging System Open Front
Hayssen ISB VFFS Bagging System Cabinet
Hayssen ISB VFFS Bagging System Film Former
Hayssen ISB VFFS Bagging System Inner

Intelligent Sanitary Bagger

The Hayssen ISB is a vertical form fill seal (VFFS) bagger designed and built based on customer feedback and BW Flexible Systems' deep experience designing, building and servicing industry-leading flexible packaging machinery. In the Hayssen ISB, best-in-class sanitary design meets advanced interactivity and technology to give you a better bag and throughput.

Hygienic design and performance are at the core of the Hayssen ISB's frame and operation. The entire machine is high-pressure washdown capable. The frame is an open-channel design with sloped surfaces and was built to have no more than one square-inch of surface-to-surface contact between its components.

Special attention has also been paid to intuitive machine operation. Changeovers on the Hayssen ISB are tool-less, except for the sealing jaws. The Hayssen ISB uses BW Flexible Systems' TruFORM forming set, a lightweight forming set that is easy to remove and install for product changeovers.

Sanitary Operation

The Hayssen ISB excels in packaging environments that demand sanitary operation, including:

Fresh produce
Frozen / IQF
Cheese and dairy

Features & Benefits

Open design with open channel framing
Modular design
Improved wire routing, no zip-tied wire bundles
All surfaces are sloped
High-pressure washdown capable
IP66 & NEMA 4X enclosure ratings
High-end polymer doors
Tool-less changeovers (except for the jaws)
Pass-through film threading


10", 13", 16" flat bag widths (250, 330, 410mm)
11.81", 15.75", 19.68", 23.62" intermittent bag lengths (300, 400, 500, 600mm)
Standard side-mount swing-out cabinet with 12" wide screen HMI in front face
Center-driven powered film unwind
Easy pass through film threading
Swing-out electrical box with low and high voltage access doors
Visibility throughout
FTA changeover safety/accessibility, standard 90 degree swing-out
IP66 high pressure washdown capable
NEMA 4x enclosure rating

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