Integrated Case & Corrugated Packaging Systems

Pro Pac specializes in automatic case erecting and packaging. Using our CAD system, our engineering experts will work closely with your packaging operations and marketing team to create an efficient packaging system that produces a professional package. For commercial and industrial uses, Pro Pac can provide the corrugated solution for packaging your product.

Need corrugated cases? We supply RSC and other corugated shipping cases.

Automatic Can Labeling, Tray Packing, Shrink Bundling, Palletizing System

Cans are unloaded, labeled, tray-packed, shrink bundled, palletized, and stretch wrapped in this fully automatic pallet-to-pallet line.

Tray Erecting, Loading, Shrink Wrapping System

This bags-in-a-tray packing and wrapping system automatically erects and presents a fold-and-tuck chip board tray traveling down a lugged conveyor to operators.

Carton and Case Erecting and Loading System

Two lines of product convey to an automatic carton erectors and loaders with a gluing units. Both lines of loaded cartons merge, pass a check weigher, and are packed into cases.

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