Adco ConCentrix SDBC Servo Auto Load Cartoner

Adco ConCentrix SDBC Servo Auto Load Cartoner

At a Glance

  • Centerline design, laser etched scales, and pointers reduce changeover time
  • Available push-button automated changeover technology
  • Speeds up to 400 cycles per minute
  • Brilliant operator interface with a 12 inch touchscreen
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Adco ConCentrix SDBC Servo Auto Load Cartoner
Adco ConCentrix SDBC Servo Auto Load Cartoner
Adco ConCentrix SDBC Carton Style

Fast, Efficient, Reliable Cartoner Forms Up to 400 per Minute

The Adco ConCentrix SDBC horizontal end load cartoner is highly sanitary, fast, efficient, reliable and best of all, affordable. Featuring centerline design with laser-etched scales, the ConCentrix may be configured to erect, load and seal a wide range of carton sizes and styles at speeds up to 400 cartons per minute, making it ideal for the most demanding production environments.

Designed by Allen-Bradley, the brilliant InterACT HMI operator interface is boldly brought to life with up to a 12" touchscreen. The ConCentrix cartoner comes equipped with the latest in servo-control with available pushbutton automated changeover technology and much more.

Like all Adco machines, the ConCentrix is constructed in stainless steel and is available in both standard and washdown configurations.


Sanitary design maximizes cleanability and machine access
Centerline design with laser etched scales and pointers reduces changeover time and enhances repeatability
Stainless steel construction improves cleanability and eliminates corrosion
Flexible and adaptable design protects your investment as products change
Orbital carton feeder with pre-break ensures smooth, efficient operation
Easy-to-load magazine reduces operator fatigue and increases run time
Advanced guard design keeps operators safe and maximizes maintenance access


Stainless steel construction with sanitary frame design
Orbital carton feeder with pre-break
High-capacity, ergonomic low-load carton magazine
Barrel cam inserter with adjustable overload sensor-protected retract system
No product/no carton, no carton/no load sensing
Product infeed conveyor with adjustable buckets, fixed size sliding buckets available
Capable of closing either glued or tablock tuck style cartons
Nordson ProBlue FLEX hot melt glue system
Powered side discharge belts
Allen-Bradley PLC control system with touch screen HMI
PackML programming
Category 3 safety system with a fully-interlocked barrier guard package
Many options available upon request


Washdown construction
Adco InterACT HMI with 12" touchscreen
Nordson MOD melt on demand hotmelt glue system
Static and traveling overhead confining systems
Glue or tablock tuck style closure
Extended length infeed conveyor
Quick change sliding product infeed buckets
Extensive size range extending options
Open flap detect & reject system
Marking and coding systems
Integrate with an Adco product indexer
PLC & HMI upgrades


Flow-wrapped products
Frozen foods
12" pizzas
Baked goods
Snack foods
Frozen novelties
Personal care
Consumer goods

Carton Size Range

Length of Opening: 1.5" to 12.5" (38 to 317mm)
Width of Opening: 0.75" to 6" (19 to 152mm)
Carton Depth: 4" to 13" (101 to 330mm)


Electrical: 230/460 VAC, 3-Phase with ground (PE), 60 Hz, 30A
Air: 2-3 CFM @ 80 PSI

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