A-B-C 156 Decaser for Necks Down Cases

A-B-C 156 Decaser for Necks Down Cases

At a Glance

  • High speed decasing of round, oval or irregular bottles, glass or plastic
  • Speeds to 50 cpm
  • Features to provide maximum stability for unstable containers, no drop unloading
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A-B-C 156 Decaser for Necks Down Cases
A-B-C 156 Decaser for Necks Down Cases exclusive flap opener
A-B-C 156 Decaser for Necks Down Cases positive gentle case handling
A-B-C 156 Decaser for Necks Down Cases automatically unloads containers
A-B-C 156 Decaser for Necks Down Cases consistent container supply
A-B-C 156 Decaser for Necks Down Cases runs many container styles

Bottle Uncaser for Many Styles

The A-B-C 156 Decaser automatically unpacks many styles of glass and plastic containers from necks-down reshipper cases and ensures a continuous supply of empty bottles to the packaging line. A dependable solution to uncasing irregular containers including flasks, jugs and jars, this decaser opens all four case flaps then gently unloads containers with no drop to ensure top stability and integrity.

Machine Features

Run many styles of glass and plastic: rounds, non-rounds, flasks, jugs and jars
Eliminate hand labor and reduce production costs

Maintain a consistent container supply to the filler
Ensure gentle handling to reduce container damage and instability


Operation: Only this decaser offers A-B-C's exclusive flap opener design that automatically opens all four flaps, allowing containers to glide gently from the case to the unloading belt under complete control, maintaining container stability.

Replace Hand Labor and Associated Risks: The A-B-C 156 automatically opens all four flaps, unloads and single files the containers, anduprights the empty case for transfer to packing. This offers ergonomic advantages by eliminating the risk of employee injury or disability from repetitively lifting and dumping filled cases.

Run Many Container Styles: This decaser runs a wide range of glass and plastic containers, including round, non-round, oval, flask, and special shapes, in many container heights. It has special features to accommodate lightweight plastic containers and small, lightweight glass containers.

Ensure a Consistent Container Supply: Cases may feed directly from the case depalletizer to the decaser, and will be oriented automatically for proper feed. Several case inverter styles are available, depending on the application. Cases are automatically timed into the decaser from back-to-back or spaced conveyor orientation, to ensure proper case feed and decasing.

Gentle Container Handling: After all four flaps are automatically opened, the case is conveyed upward and the containers glide to the transfer table. They remain in their pack pattern, spaced and separate, until single filed with minimum container contact. This technique reduces the risk of breakage when running glass, and minimizes the risk of downed bottles when running lightweight plastic.


180 degree full case inverter to receive cases from overhead conveyor
Outer flap pre-breaker relieves flap memory to facilitate case packing
180 degree empty case turnover uprights cases with four flap control
Automatic machine lubrication system

Machine Specifications

Standard Features:
Solid channel steel frame construction
Automatic case timing and infeed from gravity feed conveyor
All-mechanical flight bar case drive
Mechanical four flap opener opens case flaps before bottle discharge
Case shaker mechanism ensures complete decasing
Independent single filing chains that minimize bottle-to-bottle contact
In-line case turnover uprights cases to customer's powered conveyor
Right or left hand container discharge
Reduced Maintenance Features:
Non-contact sensors monitor machine operation
Sealed bearings throughout
Quick-adjust turn handles for case changeover
Clear sliding guard panels- allow easy machine access
Case capacity: RSC and HSC cases
Electrical: Primary 230, 460v, 60hz, 3ph, NEMA 12
Mechanical: 3 hp motor - Sealed bearings throughout
Speed: Up to 50 cases/minute

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