Shuttleworth Mach-Trak Conveyors

Shuttleworth Mach-Trak Conveyors

At a Glance

  • Safely transport heavy machine parts
  • Designed for automotive and aerospace industries
  • Built for harsh environments

Safely Transport Heavy Machine Parts

Shuttleworth Mach-Trak heavy-duty conveyors are ideal for feeding and transporting between machine centers and other applications where precision metal parts are being created.

Designed for automotive and aerospace industries, Shuttleworth Mach-Trak conveyors feature a heavy-duty formed painted metal frame and an open surface roller chain track. Rollers making up the chain offer low-friction part handling to avoid scuffing and other damage. This Mach-Trak design provides the same product handling properties as Slip-Torque while also able to transport heavier products than other Shuttleworth frames.

Features & Benefits

Open access from below
Handles heavier products than Slip-Torque
Products guided by track with an open center allowing debris to fall through to a catch tray
Built for harsh environments
Conveys heavier products gently
Can integrate with robotic cells and gauges

Ideal Industries & Applications

Machining centers / cells
Heavy products


Available Drives Chain
Roller Chain Size Size 40 (1/2-inch pitch)
Lengths Custom
(Conveyable Surface)
Environment Harsh, Hot

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