Shuttleworth Easy Clean 1000 Stainless Steel Conveyors

Shuttleworth Easy Clean 1000 Stainless Steel Conveyors

At a Glance

  • Stainless steel construction offers a sanitary design meeting FDA regulations
  • Heavy-duty frame compared to standard aluminum frame
  • Easy to clean and maintain

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Shuttleworth Easy Clean 1000 Stainless Steel Conveyors
Shuttleworth Easy Clean 1000 Stainless Steel Conveyors

Stainless Steel Conveyor for Heavy Washdown Applications

Shuttleworth Easy Clean 1000 stainless steel conveyor frame options are designed for heavy washdown applications.

The stainless steel bolt-together frame has innovative 30 and 60 degree steel strength bends or "hems." The elimination of 90-degree steel bends allows contaminants to fall through the conveyor. Solid faced roller surfaces and loose roller spacing reduces the possibility for particle collections. These features simplify and expedite the cleaning process.

The entire system including the motor assembly is designed for thorough food process cleaning. The roller spacing allows for easy access with either hot water or air pressure. Solid faced roller surfaces reduce possibilities for particle collection.

Features & Benefits

Easy to clean and maintain
Heavy, high-pressure and caustic washdown
Angled bends allow debris to fall through the surface and frame structure - eliminating any collection on the horizontal surface
Sanitary design meets USDA, FDA and bakery environments for sanitary requirements
Fabricated with continuous welds throughout
Corrosion resistant parts
Can be customized with Shuttleworth devices and options per application requirements
Can be easily integrated into current automation system

Ideal Industries & Applications

Open food trays and containers


Available Drives Chain
Available Roller Sizes 17 mm, 21 mm, 32 mm
Lengths Up to 3000mm
(Conveyable Surface)
120 mm (4.7"), 188 mm (7.4"), 256 mm (10.1"), 324 mm (12.7"), 392 mm (15.4"),
460 mm (18.1"), 528 mm (20.8"), 596 mm (23.5"), 664 mm (26.1"), 732 mm (28.8"),
800 mm, (31.5"), 868 mm (32.1"), 936 mm (36.8"), 1004 mm (39.5"), & Custom
Environment Heavy washdown, caustic washdown

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