PFM BG 4800 Horizontal Flow Wrapper

PFM BG 4800 Flow Wrapper

At a Glance

  • Up to 160 products per minute
  • Creates reclosable MAP packages
  • Easy cleaning with AISA 304 steel for all product contact points
  • Color touch screen HMI
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PFM BG 4800 Flow Wrapper
PFM BG 2800 Resealable Bag Package
PFM BG 2800 Zipper Bag Package

High Speed Reclosable MAP Packages

The PFM BG 4800 produces flow wrapped packages with three seals that have a perfect appearance. Designed for high-speed packaging with Modified Atmosphere Packaging. The BG 4800 creates completely air tight seals, that are compact, smooth, and free from wrinkles.

Recloseable bag system allows your products package to be resealed with a resealable tab or with an adhesive strip or zipper. Ideal for all types of food products that would be consumed in more than one stage, the resealable packaging helps preserve product freshness.

The easy-open and recloseable system offers marketing advantages for your products to your consumers.


In just a few minutes, the BG 4800 can be completely cleaned. All parts are within reach, easily accessible, and extractable. All parts that come in to contact with your products are made of AISI 304 steel.

Multi-Jaw Crossways Prolonged Sealing Unit
High pressure and a prolonged sealing time are the distinguishing factors of the exclusive BG Pack rotating multi-jaw system. The material remains tight, stretched between the jaws thus making it impossible for wrinkles and defects to form. Each jaw has separate temperature controls monitored via the machine touch screen. If the temperature of any the jaws fluctuates out of the selected range the machine stops automatically with the defective jaw in a quick removal position.

User Friendly
Color screen touch panel provides simplicity in each programming stage.

Quick Fitting and Removal Jaw System
In just a few minutes, the versatile jaws can be released or repositioned. Essential for MAP packaging, the crimping jaws provide completely air-tight seals.

Control and High Performance
The rotating multijaw crossways sealing system with a prolonged sealing time produces up to 160 packages a minute. The longitudinal linear shoe sealing provides smooth and resistant seals. State-of-the-art electronics accurately controls the wrapping of printed material.


Up to 160 packs per minute with pillow bag.
Multi-jaw sealing method, Min 7, Max 22.
Expansion reel holding unit shaft with electronically controlled brake.
Production and sell-by date printing device (optional).
Electrical function relying on independent motors and industrial PC.
Manufactured in AISI 304.
Discharge conveyor with 180° bevel rollers with work surface level discharge.

Open & Reclose Package Features

Allows modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) with the utmost safety.
Package opens easily, without the need to use cutting utensils.
Film barrier characteristics and the resealability allow product to be consumed in more than one stage.
Resealable tab allows protection of the product, extending its preservation from the moment it is opened.
Greater printable area for consumer information and market promotion.

Pillow Bag Dimensions

Product width: 1.77" - 7.08" (45mm - 180mm)
Product height: 0.39" - 3.15" (10mm - 80mm)
Product length: 2.76" - 12.6" (70mm - 320mm)
Cut Off bag: 4.13" - 13.97" (105mm - 355mm)
Max flat bag: 7.08" (180mm)
Web film: 17.32" (440mm)

Easy Pack Dimensions

Product width: 2.36" - 7.08" (60mm - 180mm)
Product height: 0.39" - 1.77" (10mm - 45mm)
Product length: 2.76" - 10.63" (70mm - 270mm)
Cut off bag: 4.13" - 11.81" (105mm - 300mm)
Max flat bag: 7.08" (180mm)
Web film: 17.32" (440mm)

3 Side Seal Bag with Zipper Dimensions

Product width: 2.36" - 5.9" (60mm - 150mm)
Product height: 0.39" - 1.77" (10mm - 45mm)
Product length: 2.76" - 10.63" (70mm - 270mm)
Cut off bag: 4.13" - 11.81" (105mm - 300mm)
Max flat bag: 7.08" (180mm)
Web film: 14.17" (360mm)


Electrical: 400V, 3 Phase, 50/60 Hz, 10Kw comsumption
Machine length: 184.64"L x 55.12"D x 86.61"H (4690mm x 1400mm x 2200mm)
Machine weight: 3,307 lbs (1500 kg)

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