PFM Mistral BB Fin Seal Flow Wrapper

PFM Mistral BB Flow Pack Fin Seal Packaging Equipment

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PFM Mistral BB Flow Pack Fin Seal Packaging Equipment PFM Mistral Fin Seal Flow Pack Packaging Equipment Layout

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MAP Fin Seal Packages at High Speeds

The PFM Mistral is a horizontal flow-pack wrapping machine which produces at high speed hermetically closed seals from a flat reel of heat sensitive wrapping material. The Mistral is specifically designed to be compatible with Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP).


High Speed Wrapping with Hermetic Seals: With the long dwell, continuous flow, transverse sealing system, the Mistral reaches packaging speed of up to 140 packs per minute with the Long Dwell version and 400 packs per minute with the Long Dwell HS version.

Ease of Cleaning: The Mistral has a cantilever type construction. This means the various mechanical and electronic parts are situated at the rear of the machine in separate and protected compartments, where the product conveyor belts and sealing area are found at the front. As a result, the front of the machine is obstruction-free and allows any product residue to be cleaned easily without it ever coming into contact with the mechanical or electronic workings.

Superior Parts and Meticulous Engineering: The Mistral has ease of operation, minimum maintenance, and high-quality of component parts.


LD Packaging Speed: Up to 140 packages per minute
LDHS Packaging Speed: Up to 400 packages per minute
A 2-meter infeed conveyor belt with adjustable approach rollers
Adjustable forming box to easily format the length and width adjustments of different packages
Double self-centring reel holder complete with brake
Photocell for print registered packaging material centering
Balancing device for controlling the tension of the film
Deceleration system and self-lubrificating drive
Powered height adjustment

Models Available

With reel feed from above (conventional)
With reel feed from below (inverted)
Electronic version
Servo version
Long Dwell HS version
Polyethylene version
BDF version (for use with wrapping materials where high barrier properties are required)

Mistral Servo

Automatic programming capabilities allow easy set up of the machine's functions for up to 60 separate programs via a touch screen control panel.

Format changes are recalled automatically: product length, deceleration, various product stages, print position.

Mistral Servo functions also include no product / no bag functions and automatic height adjustment of the transverse sealing jaws.


Date / bar code printer
Automatic reel splicer
Longitudinal crimpers with slat conveyor and trimming device with retrieval of excess trim for a smooth, uniform seal
Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)

Product Dimensions

Length: 3.93" - 13.78" (100mm - 350mm)
Width: 0.39" - 12.6" (10mm - 320mm)
Height: Up to 4.33" (110mm)


Film width max: 27.56" (700mm)
Roll max OD: 13.78" (350mm)
Crimper width max: 13.78" (350mm)
Weight: 2425 lbs (1100 Kg)
Electrical: 380V, 3 Phase, consumption 7 kW