PFM Zephyr Fin Seal Flow Wrapper

PFM Zephyr Flow Pack Fin Seal Packaging Equipment

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PFM Zephyr Flow Pack Fin Seal Packaging Equipment Modulo Fin Seal Packages

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Rugged All-Day Flow Wrapper

The electronic PFM Zephyr is designed to run on multi-shift operations. Built with a cantilevered main frame, the Zephyr completely separates product packaging and drive elements. Complete this flow packing machine with a series of loaders for automatic feeding.


Wraps up to 450 packages per minute
Fully cantilivered frame with separation plate
4 servo driven axis
4 finwheel units (i.e. cold, two heated, fold-over)
Heat and cold sealing equipment
Servo driven unwind feed rollers
Automatic film splicer
Pneumatic blocking double reel holders
Color touch screen
Display on machine status, diagnagnostic, production data, and alarms
Product contact parts made of stainless steel
Chain with cantilivered pusher fitting
Two-way print registration unit
Driven top brush at discharge belt
Ejector for empty or double packages
Complete series of infeed conveyors


Coding and reading device
Cooling plate on longitudinal sealing wheels
Plate-top chain
Vacuum system
Modified atmosphere packaging
No gap / no seal function
No product / no paper function
Long dwell crimper unit
Mechanical or air gussting device
Full stainless steel version

Product Dimensions

Length: 0.39" - 13.78" (10mm - 350mm)
Width: 0.39" - 12.6" (10mm - 320mm)
Height: Up to 3.15" (80mm)


Cut off length: 1.97" - 13.78" (50mm - 350mm)
Film width: 15.75" (400mm)
Film roll max OD: 13.78" (350mm)
Core diameter: (70 - 76mm)
Electrical consumption: 9kw
Machine weight: 2,425 - 2,866 lbs (1,100 - 1,300 kg)