PFM Pearl Horizontal Flow Wrapper

PFM Pearl Flow Wrapper

At a Glance

  • Full servo wrapper with axis motion controller
  • Cantilevered construction and polymer moulded components with graceful radiuses ensure no dust traps
  • Fin seal assembly with three sets of rollers
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PFM Pearl Flow Wrapper

Very Popular Full-Servo High-Speed Flow Wrapper

The innovative Pearl is a full-servo horizontal flow wrapper that produces pillow-pack style packages from a flat roll of heat or cold sealable wrapping material.

The Pearl has sturdy construction with a carbon steel fabricated frame, compact design, cutting edge hardware, and reliable, operator-friendly control software.

Engineered Quality

Light-contact and no-contact high-speed in-line feeding system
Belts mounted on cantilevered structure for easy removal
Driving rollers, scrapers and supporting plates removable without tools
High-speed fully servo-driven wrapper runs up to 100 meters per minute
The standard version runs 120 cycles per minute
The special version runs 160 cycles per minute


Full servo wrapper with axis motion controller and brushless servomotors.

Drive motors are connected directly to the various assemblies. The electrical panel is housed inside the machine frame and protected from the external environment.

Manufactured with modular pre-assembled units designed to be easily accessible and replaced. The front of the machine is free from any obstruction. Elegant and rational design with simple and sturdy construction.

Cantilevered construction and polymer moulded components with graceful radiuses ensure no dust traps. All guards can be easily removed.

HMI and start/stop buttons have been ergonomically situated to facilitate accessibility.

Up to 120 cycles per minute, capable of wrapping different products in the food and non-food sectors.

Fin Seal assembly with three sets of rollers: Film pulling, film sealing complete with automatic opening at machine stop, and fin seal foldover.

Product Dimensions

Length: 1.57" - 13.78" (40mm - 350mm)
Width: 0.19" - 8.66" (5mm - 220mm)
Height: 0.04" - 3.94" (1mm - 100mm)
Maximum product dimensions cannot be processed simultaneously

Supported Materials

Bonded polypropylene
Micro-perforated polypropylene
Heat-shrinkable materials with trimmed seals


Film width: 19.68" (500mm)
Film roll max OD: 13.78" (350mm)
Infeed length: 59", 90.5", 114.2" (1,500mm, 2,300mm, 2,900mm)
Crimp jaw length: 9.84" (250mm)
Electrical: 380V, 3 Phase, consumption 2 kw

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