PFM Pulsar Horizontal Flow Wrapper

PFM Pulsar Flow Wrapper

At a Glance

  • Ideal for large food products
  • Automatic package length adjustment according to product length
  • Box motion sealing system for hermetic seals
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Designed for Large Food Products.

The PFM Pulsar is a full-servo horizontal wrapping machine to make pillow-pack bags from a flat roll of wrapping material.

The PFM Pulsar has been designed to wrap products of different sizes and shapes with its LVA feature for automatic adjustment of package length according to product length.

Ideal for green leafy vegetables, pizzas, Christmas cakes, large bologna and salami.


Fast changeover taks a few minutes
Automatic length adjustment (LVA feature) according to product length and print centering
Maximum reel width up to 950 mm and maximum diameter up to 350 mm
Bulit in AISI 304, all product contact parts can be sanitized and are made with materials complying with FDA regulations
Controlled by two AC and two brushless motors specifically dedicated to the operation of the transverse and longitudinal sealing groups
Transverse sealing section is adjustable
PLC machine functions are controlled via HMI control touch panel
Box motion sealing system prolongs sealing time to guarantee hermetic sealings
50 cycles per minute with LVA feature
Adjustable sealing section can reach a maximum travel of 120 mm
Adjustable forming box
3 sets of fin seal rollers (film pulling, sealing, and folding) with automatic opening of the sealing set
Pneumatic wrapping material reel holder with fine adjustment

Available Versions

Shrink version with trim removal
Poly version for polyethylene (PE)


Date printing unit
Fixed forming box

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