PFM Blizzard Hard Candy Horizontal Flow Wrapper

PFM Blizzard Hard Candy Flow Wrapper

At a Glance

  • Up to 2,000 candies per minute
  • High-speed round, square, oval, and spherical candy packaging
  • Hot or cold seal wrapping material
  • Vibration-free, super-compact
  • Very easy to clean cantilevered construction
Sustainability Tip

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Blazing Super High-Speed Candy Wrapper

The Blizzard is a super high-speed horizontal flow-wrap packaging machine that packages products with three seals from a flat reel of hot or cold seal wrapping material. The Blizzard hard candy wrapper is powered by brushless motors in direct electrical axis.


Automatic Heated Disk Feeder with Reverse-Turning Plate
The control runs on independent motors. Timing/synchronization with the wrapping machine can be adjusted according to product dimensions, wrapping speed, and ramp of acceleration or deceleration. This system can be optimized to increase the average production of the machine and to remove any unnecessary stop.

Cantilevered Construction
The Blizzard makes cleaning operations easy. The front of the wrapper houses the sealing assemblies. The back holds the mechanical and electrical components in separate and guarded environments. Designed for perfect cleaning.

Automatic Reel Splicer
Works without reducing the speed of the machine. Maximum efficiency and all preliminary operations are extremely simple.


Packages up to 2,000 candies per minute.
Vibration-free, super-compact.
Very easy to clean cantilevered construction.
Electronic operation driven by 4 brushless motors with a direct electronic axis.
Maximum operating precision, easy programming and on-line diagnostics with remote connection.
Crossways sealing unit consisting of 2-4-6 crimpers per shaft made from a single block of material worked in two shells.
Electronic print registration system for each package.
Machine driven by brushless servo-motors with axis motion controller and PLC.
Color touch screen HMI.
Cantilevered structure with mechanical and electronic components housed at the back of the machine and the sealing units located at the front.
All cleaning and maintenance operations are quick and easy.
Expansion reel holders.
Power slip rings and gold temperature control for perfect conductibility of the signal.
Automatic high-speed film splicing system (PFM patent) with no machine speed decrease and just one product rejected.
Interface via modem or ethernet with PFM Service Department with the PFM Tele-Service System to diagnose the machine status.

PFM Tele-Service System

The Blizzard control unit can be interfaced via modem or ethernet with PFM Service Department, to perform a diagnostic of the machine.

Continuous Operation

The Blizzard does not decrease the packaging speed and sealing continues with the reels stopped.
Double reel holding shaft with brushless motorized expansion shafts.
Sealing unit trims off excess material precisely.
Compensating equalizer controlled electronically compensates for the time the film is stopped.
Only one product is rejected without decreasing line productivity.

Automatic Heated Disk Feeder with Reverse-Turning Plate

Control of independent motors.
Change the timing/synchronization with the wrapping machine according to product dimensions, wrapping speed, and acceleration or deceleration.
Increase the average production of the machine and remove any unnecessary stops.

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