PFM Blizzard Fin Seal Flow Wrapper

PFM Blizzard Flow Pack Fin Seal Packaging Equipment

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Blazing Super High Speed Candy Wrapper

The Blizzard is a super high speed horizontal flow-wrap packaging machine that packages products with three seals from a flat reel of hot or cold seal wrapping material.


Packages up to 2,000 candies per minute, up to 1,600 pieces of bubble gum per minute
Vibration-free, super-compact and very easy to clean cantilevered construction
Electronic operation driven by 4 brushless motors with a direct electronic axis
Maximum operating precision, easy programming and on-line diagnostics with remote connection
Crossways sealing unit consisting of 2-4-6 crimpers per shaft made from a single block of material worked in two shells
Electronic print registration system for each package
Loading belt with side pusher guiding system
Automatic reel splicing system up to a speed of 110 linear meters a minute

Continuous Operation

The Blizzard does not decrease the packaging speed and sealing continues with the reels stopped
Double reel holding shaft with brushless motorized expansion shafts
Sealing unit trims off excess material precisely
Compensating equalizer controlled electronically compensates for the time the film is stopped
Only one product is rejected without decreasing line productivity