PFM Shamal Horizontal Flow Wrapper

PFM Shamal Flow Wrapper

At a Glance

  • Creates hermetically sealed packages for Modified Atmosphere Packaging
  • Produces perfect wrinkle-free packages
  • Designed for easy cleaning
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PFM Shamal Flow Wrapper

Create Air-Tight MAP Fin Seal Packages

Designed for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), the PFM Shamal horizontal flow pack packaging machine produces air-tight sealed packages.


With the extended rotary seal crossways sealing unit, the Shamal produces up to 60 air-tight packages per minute.

An electronic unwinder with a height and width adjustments controls the wrapping material to produce perfect wrinkle-free packages.

The cantilevered construction houses the mechanical and electrical components at the rear of the machine in separate and protected areas. The sealing units and conveyor surfaces are housed at the front. The machine face is therefore free from obstacles and can easily be cleaned, preventing production waste from coming into contact with mechanical and electrical parts.

The Shamal brings high performance levels, reduced maintenance, and is built to last with top-quality materials and components.

The format can be changed in just a few minutes. The Shamal includes the LVA function which is the automatic adjustment of bag length according to the length of the product, as well as a print registration facility. The ERS (Extended Rotary Sealing) concept allows to products to be wrapped with a maximum height of 190 mm.

The design of the main guard, shuttle conveyors, crimper assembly and crimper height adjustment have improved the user friendliness of the machine and reduced set-up times.

Made for easy cleaning, the Shamal is constructed in AISI 304 with large radius corners, all product contact parts can be sanitized and are made of FDA approved materials.

Up to 120 cycles per minute if supplied with fixed pitch function or 90 cycles per minute with LVA function.


2-Meter infeed conveyor has an anti-sliding belt and a metallic joint
Fast assembly/disassembly and cleaning
Cantilevered structure in oxidation proof powder painted construction
Longitudinal sealing unit with adjustable height
3 individual wheel units regulates product wrapping. The first unit draws the material, the second unit carries out the sealing, and the third unit handles rim folding
Long dwell crossways sealing unit with adjustable height
Automatic centering reel holds unit shafts with an electronically controlled multiple belt unwinder
Adjustable forming box
Individual sealing crimper and sealing wheel temperature controls
Wraps up to 60 packages per minute

Models Available

Mechanical fixed-pitch version
2-axle electronic version
3-axle servo version
3-axle LVA servo version
Shrink version

Shamal Servo

Automatic programming capabilities allow easy set up of the machine's functions for up to 60 separate programs via a touch screen control panel.

Format changes are recalled automatically: product length, deceleration, various product stages, print position.

Shamal Servo functions also include no product / no bag functions and automatic height adjustment of the transverse sealing jaws.

Product Dimensions

Length: 1.97" - 23.62" (50mm - 600mm) mechanical version, 5.9" (150mm) to unlimited LVA version
Width: 0.19" - 12.6" (5mm - 320mm)
Height: 0.19" - 7.87" (5mm - 200mm)


Film width: 27.56" (700mm)
Film roll max OD: 13.78" (350mm)
Electrical: 380V, 3 Phase, consumption 7kw
Machine weight: 2,204 lbs (1,000 kg)

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