PFM Ghibli Fin Seal Flow Wrapper

PFM Ghibli Flow Pack Fin Seal Packaging Equipment

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PFM Ghibli Flow Pack Fin Seal Packaging Equipment

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Flow Wrap Large and Irregularly-Shaped Products

The Ghibli is a high speed horizontal flow-wrap packaging machine that is designed to package large products and irregular shapes.


Electronic Instant Adjustments: An electronic system allows instant adjustments of the package length according to the length of the product. This machine is ideal for medium and large products and for irregular shapes.

Long Dwell Cantilevered Box-Motion: A high-speed mobile carriage system runs by brushless motors which allow perfectly hermetic transverse sealing - even for very large products. The cantilevered system facilitates cleaning and maintenance operations. The electronic controls permit separate management of sealing and handling speed and of sealing pressure.

Stainless and Clean: The Ghibli is built with AISI 304 stainless steel. The casing is built with rounded corners in accordance with the strictest international hygienic standards.


Wraps up to 60 packages per minute
A variety of film, including laminated, bonded or micro-perforated polypropylene, polyethylene, heat-shrinkable, and gas barrier materials

Product Dimensions

Length: 0.39" - unlimited (10mm)
Width: 0.19" - 14.96" (5mm - 380mm)
Height: Up to 10.24" (260mm)