OK Supersealer MBS20 Medical Band Sealer

OK Supersealer MBS20 Medical Band Sealer

At a Glance

  • Hot air sealer meets FDA guidelines for medical packaging
  • Seals medical packaging materials including plastic, Tyvek, mylar, PET, coated Tyvek, laminated foil, and metalized foil bags
  • State of the art process controls
  • See all variables of the machine at all times, both set and actual
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OK Supersealer MBS20 Medical Band Sealer

Hermetically Seal Bags for Medical Products

The OK Supersealer MBS20 medical band sealer is a rotary band sealer designed to meet ANSI/AAMI/ASTM/ISO11607-2/ISO13485/ISO9001 and EN 868 standard requirements for the medical industry. The Supersealer MBS20 medical continuously seals a wide range of medical packaging materials including plastic, Tyvek, Mylar, PET, coated Tyvek, paper, laminated materials and metalized foil pouches/bags.

Now specializing in UDI Coders to meet FDA Compliance Dates.

The stainless steel construction, advanced band sealing technology, and state of the art process controls of the Supersealer ensure continuous reliable performance in demanding bagging production lines.

Features & Benefits

Small Footprint: Use less floorspace
Band Sealing Technology: Band supports pouch/bag through sealing process, sealing multiple materials consistently
Variable Speed: Ease of matching conveyor speed for flexibility
Closed Loop Temperature Control: Accurate and consistant sealing temperature
Touch Panel Monitor: See all variables of the machine at all times, both set and actual
Recipes in PLC: Bag changeover made simple with easy-to-use menu
Easy Lift Cover: Easy access no-tool band change
Motorized Pedestal: Height adjustment with a button simplifies multiple bag size sealing runs
Plugs into Any Wall Plug: Minimal utility requirements
Packaging of Terminally Sterilized Medical Devices: Meets ANSI/AAMI/ASTM, ISO 11607-2, ISO 13485, ISO 9001 and EN 868 standards for compliance


Stainless Steel Finish: Clean and durable
Bag/Pouch Material: Heat seal up to 24 mil
Belt Speed: Up to 65 ft/min (20 m/min), other speeds upon request
Seal Width: 5/16" (8mm), optional 3/4" (19.05mm)"
Machine handing: Right to left or left to right
Power Requirements: 110 VAC, 1 Ph, 60 Hz, 10 Amp 220 VAC, 1 Ph, 50 Hz, 7 Amp CE Marked
Pneumatic: 80-100 psi clean dry air
PLC Control: Touch screen


Bag Top Trimmer: Stationary blade and rotary blade trimmer meet all application requirements
Bag Trim Remover: Standard trim remover can remove up to 3" of trim; other widths of trim optional
UDI Coders: Meets FDA compliance dates and GS1 initiative

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