Arpac ECO Series Shrink Wrap Tunnel

Arpac ECO Series Shrink Wrap Tunnel

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Arpac ECO Series Shrink Wrap Tunnel

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Shrink Tunnel with Much Lower Energy Costs

Arpac's ECO Series shrink tunnel is designed to produce a high quality shrink package using up to half the electrical power.

Features & Benefits

Up to 50% energy savings!
Up to 50% faster start-up time increases production up time and saves energy
Runs clear or printed LDPE films
Adjustable tunnel interior for maximum heat efficiency
Cutting edge insulation
Pristine "bullseye"
PLC controlled
Ultra quiet operation
Closed PID loop temperature control (+/- 1°)
"Cool Touch" guarding
Even heat for minimal print distortion
Small footprint

Machine Specifications

Machine Width: 45.875"
Machine Length: 164.25"
Machine Height: 55.25"
Machine Height Tolerance: -0" to +3"
Conveyor Height: 34.25"
Conveyor Height Tolerance: -0" to +3"
Film Type: Low density polyethylene (LDPE)