Arpac Mesh Belt Shrink Wrap Tunnel

Arpac Mesh Belt Series Shrink Tunnels

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Stainless Steel Tunnel with Teflon-Coated Fiberglass Mesh Belt

Arpac shrink tunnels with Teflon coated fiberglass mesh belt conveyors, are designed to produce complete, uniform shrink on a wide variety of product sizes and configurations using all available shrink films including polyethylene, polyolefin and PVC.


Used with bundler and horizontal wrappers depending on application
Calrod heating elements provide long life, easy maintenance and minimum downtime
Air control baffles allow complete control of air volume and velocity from the top, sides and bottom
Heavy-duty, high quality components and rugged construction provide continuous operation with minimal maintenance
Mesh belt allows hot air to reach all surfaces on the package, producing a uniform shrink
Recirculating heating system consumes less electrical energy by minimizing heat loss
Thermocouple temperature control provide precise temperature control
Trouble free quality controls assure optimum operation
Variable speed conveyor ensures uniform shrink and is adjustable to meet production requirements


Stainless steel construction
Wide variety of chamber sizes
Multiple zones
Variable speed DC blower motor
Air clutch evacuation
Spare parts kits
Cooling sections
Special voltages
Live roller belt for wrinkle free shrink on polyolefin and PVC

Film Types