RockTenn CRB Coated Recycled Board

RockTenn Coated Recycled Board (CRB) is 100 percent recycled coated paperboard commonly referred to as clay-coated news back (CCNB) or clay-coated kraft back (CCKB). This CRB ranges from high-strength providing high tear-strength to premium-grade low-density coated board.

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Coated Recycled Board

100 percent recycled clay-coated paperboard, a unique CRB featuring custom masking capabilities without the use of fluorochemicals.

High Strength Coated Recycled Board

These High Strength CRB products are specially engineered to provide high stiffness, dimensional squareness, and high tear strength, and a smooth print surface for eye-catching graphics.

AngelCote Low Density Coated Recycled Board

Premium-grade CRB with superior smoothness for exceptional printability. Available in a wide range of calipers and is especially attractive for branded packaging applications.

AngelBrite White Back Coated Recycled Board

This White Back CRB features exceptional topside smoothness, uniformity and white back side, making it an ideal recycled alternative to SBS.