AngelCote Low Density Coated Recycled Board

AngelFrame White Back Coated Recycled Board (CRB) Carton Packaging

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Premium-Grade CRB Chipboard with Superior Smoothness

Chipboard folding cartons are an inexpensive classic packaging option for your products. High quality paperboard allows a wide range of packaging for food and non-food markets. A variety of paperboards are available, each offering unique substrate functionality and fulfilling distribution requirements. Either stock sizes or die cut, all can be printed to create custom packaging.

Premium-grade CRB with superior smoothness for exceptional printability. Available in a wide range of calipers and is especially attractive for branded packaging applications.


100% recycled fiber with an average of 35% post-consumer content
Smooth, bright, double clay-coated topside surface for eye-catching graphics
Available with a variety of sizing options
Available in lower Caliper (in.)s
FDA-compliant for contact with most dry, fatty and aqueous foods

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Specifications of AngelCote Low Density Coated Recycled Board

Caliper Inches .014 .016 .018 .020 .022 .024
Nominal Basis Weight (lbs/1000sqft) 60 65 72 78 83 89
Taber Stiffness (g-cm) MD 130 180 245 320 385 470
Taber Stiffness (g-cm) CD 45 65 85 105 130 155
Machine Trim 129 129 129 129 129 129
Typical properties. Actual characteristics may vary slightly from one run to another.