CartonMate Mill Wax Bleached Board

Manual Carton Packaging

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Premium SBS Chipboard with Added Wax on Backside

Chipboard folding cartons are an inexpensive classic packaging option for your products. High quality paperboard allows a wide range of packaging for food and non-food markets. A variety of paperboards are available, each offering unique substrate functionality and fulfilling distribution requirements. Either stock sizes or die cut, all can be printed to create custom packaging.

This bleached board (SBS) is a premium paperboard grade produced from bleached virgin fiber. It features a lower stiffness ratio to allow more flexibility in carton design and a consistent, bright appearance for excellent printability.


Bright finish with double clay-coating for high-fidelity printing
Consistent roll-to-roll quality
Added wax application on the back side for liquid hold-out
FDA-compliant for contact with most dry, fatty and aqueous foods

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CartonMate Mill Wax Bleached Board Typical Properties

Caliper Inches .020 .022 .024
Nominal Basis Weight (lbs/1000sqft) 78.0 80.0 83.0
Apparent Density (based on lb/3MSF reference) 10.64 10.43 10.38
Taber Stiffness (g-cm) MD 390 435 490
Taber Stiffness (g-cm) CD 180 200 225
Taber Stiffness (g-cm) GM 265 295 332
GE Brightness (% brightness) 86 86 86
Color Hunter b Value (45°/0° geometry) 2.0 2.0 2.0
Sheffield Smoothness (SU) 36 38 40
ZDT (psi) 39 38 38
Percent Moisture (%) 6.0 6.0 6.0
Typical properties. Actual characteristics may vary slightly from one run to another.