A-B-C 400 Hot Melt Adhesive Case Erector

A-B-C 400 Hot Melt Adhesive Case Erector

At a Glance

  • Low cost operation, reliable performance
  • Seal with adhesive
  • 10 – 30 cases per minute
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A-B-C 400 Hot Melt Adhesive Case Erector
A-B-C 400 Hot Melt Adhesive Case Erector HMI controller
A-B-C 400 Hot Melt Adhesive Case Erector magazine
A-B-C 400 Hot Melt Adhesive Case Erector magazine
A-B-C 400 Hot Melt Adhesive Case Erector mechanical walking beam transfer bars
A-B-C 400 Hot Melt Adhesive Case Erector heavy-duty rear flap tucker
A-B-C 400 Hot Melt Adhesive Case Erector servo-powered sealing ram

Adhesive Seal Cases Up to 30 per Minute

The A-B-C 400 erects cases at speeds up to 30 cases per minute. Inside its heavy grade steel frame is a continuous motion drive that provides maximum reliability for 3-shift a day production. The exclusive walking beam case transfer squares cases as they travel from opening through sealing. With rock solid construction and multiple features to accommodate poor corrugated, this machine is a workhorse solution for the packaging line.

Machine Features

Designed to run out-of-spec corrugated, warped KDs, and high recycled content cases
Erect and adhesive seal cases to 30 cpm
Low level magazine to load knockdowns with no lifting
Unique compression mandrel squares cases during sealing
5 minute changeover


Intelligent Machine Control Simplifies Setup and Diagnostics: Case selection is easy and intuitive at the touchscreen control center. Simply choose the case size and speed and you're done. The color display shows real-time operating data and allows independent operation of all functions, diagnostics, and changeover settings. Simple, step-by-step sequences simplify set up and operation. Non-contact sensors monitor machine operation and ensure precise timing of each operating sequence.

Knockdown Magazine Eliminates Lifting and Allows More Time between Refills: No more lifting heavy cases! This ergonomic, floor level magazine eliminates a potential source of liability found in mid and high level case magazines. The standard high capacity magazine holds three stacks of cases, giving your attendant more time between refills. Knockdown stacks feed automatically and cases can be added at any time. An extended magazine is also available.

Top Feed Magazine Runs Warped and Band-Marked Cases: This case erectors top feed magazine design eliminates back pressure that can cause misfeeding in vertical feed magazines. Cases are lifted by dual, springloaded grippers that self-adjust to lift cases from uneven stacks caused by warp or band marks.

Complete Control for Case Opening: At the opening station, cases are gripped from below as the reciprocating arm pulls them open. This dual pullback system is forgiving to cases with poor manufacturer's joints and positively opens doublewall styles. The automatic blowback system keeps air lines clean.

Case Opening on Outer Flap Ensures Smooth Inner Flap Closing: A-B-C's vacuum case opening technology smoothly opens even warped and bent cases, unlike pin-style openers which require straight corrugated flutes for proper operation. Over-opening the case on the flaps ensures successful inner flap closing, even when running cases with out-of-spec manufacturer’s joints.

Adhesive Sealing Ram Squares Cases: This case erectors adhesive sealing compression mandrel has a unique design with stationary lugs that square the case during sealing. Soft-glide compression ensures secure sealing with less stress.

5 Minute Changeover: Changeover for the full case range is completed with rapid adjust hand cranks and slides with locking handles.


Magazine extensions for additional capacity
Gull-wing style high visibility machine doors
CSSC case capability
Servo-controlled sealing ram (standard on 400HS model)
Repeatable position indicators on adjustment shafts

Machine Specifications

High Performance Features:
Heavy steel, box-style frame construction
All-mechanical main drive
High capacity vacuum system
Direct drive walking beam case transfer
High efficiency motors
Features for Reliable Operation:
A-B-C's Intelligent Control electronics provide total control of operation
Low level case magazine holds 3 stacks of cases (approx. 300 knockdowns) eliminating frequent refills
Automatic case feed from top of stack by dual floating grippers to smoothly feed warped or band-marked cases
Dual top and bottom vacuum grippers that over-open cases ensuring proper opening of cases with poor manufacturer's joints
Self-lubricating air cylinders
Hot melt version can be converted to tape sealing/ Tape version can be converted to hot melt sealing
Reduced Maintenance Features:
Proximity sensors with quick disconnect
Sealed bearings throughout
Touchscreen control for machine jog, diagnostics, troubleshooting, changeover settings
Case discharge back-up eye for surge control
Elevated beacon fault light
A-B-C's Intelligent Control gives you more
Variable Speed Capability:
10-30 cases per minute
Speed ramps up and down to suit line speed; all settings (including adhesive application) are automatically adjusted as speed changes
Soft stop quits operation without dumping air
Cycle stop cycles out all cases before stop
Main drive jog function
Manual operation of all functions including glue test
Standard Fault Detection Features:
No/low air pressure
Downstream case backup
Case magazine is empty or low
Guard door opened
Case did not open properly
Emergency stop activated
Motor overload
Encoder or coupling malfunction
Individual sensor malfunction
Minimum speed fault
Fault alarm history record


Case range: RSC and HSC cases
Electrical: Primary 230 or 460v, 60hz, 3ph, NEMA 12
Air: 1.143 scfm per cycle at 80 psi
Speed: Up to 30 cases/minute

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