Little David CF-5 Semi-Automatic Case Former

Little David CF-5 Case Semi-Automatic Case Former

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Little David CF-5 Case Semi-Automatic Case Former

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At a Glance

  • Low-cost semi-auto case former
  • Folds and holds all bottom flaps of RSC corrugated boxes
  • Attaches to Little David case tapers

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Semi-Auto Case Former that Attaches to Little David Case Tapers

The Little David CF-5 is a semi-automatic case former designed to fold and hold all bottom flaps of RSC corrugated boxes presented to it by an operator.

This low-cost machine has an ergonomic design and accomodates a wide range of boxes. The CF-5 is PLC driven and requires no lubrication. Slide and lock legs adjust to meet most conveyor heights.

This machine can be used alone or with a case sealer as part of a packing / sealing station to improve productivity.

The CF-5 improves productivity by eliminating the extra labor needed to setup cases for loading. It also improves safety and reduces costly repetitive injuries.

Attachment kits are available for the LD-7, SP-304, Uniform Legend, and other case sealers in the industry.


Up to 6 cases per minute, depending on operator dexterity
Large box range
Ergonomic design
Heavy duty steel construction
Works with virtually any sealer
Plug in operation
Minimal operator training required
Alleviates twisting motion known to cause carpal tunnel syndrome
Slide and lock legs
PLC driven
No lubrication required

Case Dimensions

Length: 8" - 25" (203mm - 635mm)
Width: 5.5" - 20" (140mm - 508mm)
Height: 3.5" - infinite (89mm - infinite)


Spare parts kit
Special electrics
Custom color


Electrical: 110 VAC, 60Hz, Single phase, 2 Amps (other voltages available)
Air: 6.5 SCFM