Little David SP-304 Bottom Only Case Former

Loveshaw Little David SP-304BO Semi-Auto Case Former

At a Glance

  • Innovative T-rail infeed table for fast case processing
  • Bottom major flap folding bars
  • Reliable simple operation
  • Heavy duty steel construction
Sustainability Tip

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Loveshaw Little David SP-304BO Semi-Auto Case Former

Bottom Only Side Belt Former with Extended Case Packing Rail

The SP-304 Bottom-Only is a semi-automatic case erecting solution capable of facilitating the forming of up to 24 cases per minute. The SP-304 BO is an ideal machine for erecting and bottom-sealing cases for use at a later time. The SP-304 BO comes with extended side belts which are manually adjusted for various case sizes.


Plug in operation
Minimal operator training required
Sealed drive system
CaseLocker ST tape cartridge requires no lubrication
Alleviates twisting motion known to cause carpal tunnel syndrome
Self-centering belts
Continuous belt drive
Operating Speed: Up to 72' per minute (18.3 m/min)
Seals with pressure sensitive tape

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