Weigh Right PMB-3600-FL Gravity Feed Scale

Weigh Right PMB-3600-FL Gravity Feed Scale

At a Glance

  • Weighs 2 lbs to 100 lbs of free flowing products
  • Portions by weight, not volume
  • No tool changeover when going from one weight to the next

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Weigh Right PMB-3600-FL Gravity Feed Scale
Weigh Right PMB-3600-FL Gravity Feed Scale

Fast Accurate Filling for Dry Free-Flowing Products

The Weigh Right PMB-FL gravity net weighers offer fast and accurate weighing of dry free-flowing products for retail and bulk packages.

Packaging from 2 to 100 lbs, Weigh Right PMB-FL systems accurately and quickly do the job regardless of density changes.

Weigh Right systems are designed with non-proprietary components allowing for quick service and availability of parts. Controls come standard with 3 set point feed control giving you greater control of speed and accuracy. Multiple head scales have menu-driven controls with up to 50 job memory storage with an easy-to-read graphic display and help menus for machine set up.

Well-suited to interface with a bagger or container indexing conveyor, Weigh Right systems frame around them with controls for a seamless operation.

How these Weigh Right Gravity Net Weighers Work

Product is loaded into a large storage hopper that can gravity feed into the scale's hopper. Or product can be fed by an infeed conveyor, such as a screw conveyor or bucket elevator, that can be loaded at floor level.

The scale will quickly reach the target weight by filling the weigh bucket from two ports of the supply hopper, one port as a gravity chute and the second port feeding onto a vibratory feed tray. Product is quickly filled into the weigh bucket. Once the weigh bucket gets close the desired target weight, the gravity gate will close stopping the flow, and the vibratory tray will slowly vibrate the last few ounces into the weigh bucket for accuracy.

Benefits of Gravity Feed over Volumetric Filling

Portioning by weight, not volume: The scale does not care about density changes.
Gentler: The scale does not use high-speed friction to move the product.
Simple changeover: No tool changes when going from one weight to the next.
No sample set needed at production start: Simply enter in the desired weight or recall from a saved job.
Lower maintenance: Fewer moving parts and no servo motors.


Pet food
Kitty litter
Bird food
Almost any dry free flowing products


Support frame to mount over bagger
Casters for mobility
Wash down model
Dust hood
Multi-container discharge hopper
Diving spout
Bag spout
Bag clamp
Indexing conveyor
20, 40, and 80 cubic foot product hopper with support frame

Weights and Rates of Gravity Scales

2 lbs 13 fpm 26 fpm 39 fpm 52 fpm x x
5 lbs 9 fpm 18 fpm 27 fpm 36 fpm 10 fpm 20 fpm
10 lbs 7 fpm 14 fpm 21 fpm 28 fpm 8 fpm 16 fpm
25 lbs x x x x 6 fpm 12 fpm
50 lbs x x x x 4 fpm 8 fpm
100 lbs x x x x 2 fpm 4 fpm

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