Labeling in Challenging Applications

Pressure Sensitive Labels on Shipping Boxes

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  • Your label must withstand conditions throughout the lifecycle of the product
  • Consumer, industrial, and durable products face specific environmental hazards
  • Sustainability requirements are also important considerations

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Pressure Sensitive Labels on Shipping Boxes
Pressure Sensitive Labels on Glass Bottles
Pressure Sensitive Labels on Canisters

Labels Work in Challenging Applications

Pressure-sensitive label projects must consider the intended use of the label, how it is applied, the environmental conditions during the application process, and the conditions the label must withstand throughout the lifecycle of the product.

Consumer, industrial, and durable products face specific environmental hazards that impact the materials and printing processes used to create your label.

Carefully considering your product and production requirements, we will recommend the best solution for challenging applications.

  Challenging Applications Include
  Severe sunlight and UV exposure
  Extremely hot or cold temperatures
  High moisture, condensation and humidity levels
  Abrasion and scuff resistance
  Chemical exposure

In addition to the above conditions, sustainability requirements are also important considerations.

We will evaluate your specific needs and make detailed recommendations using the right combination of materials, adhesives, printing and finishing enhancements to achieve the desired appearance and functionality of your product.

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